10 Charged Following Altercation with Knife Drawn

EULALIA TWP. – Ten people, including 5 juveniles, have been charged with various crimes following an altercation in which a male juvenile reportedly pulled a knife.

State Police say they responded to a report of a fight on the Mitchell Hollow Road, Eulalia Township, on January 9 at 9:26 pm.

As a result the following were charged;

  • Roy Nickerson, 33, of Coudersport, charged with Disorderly Conduct,
  • Desiree Rowe, 20, of Coudersport, charged with Disorderly Conduct,
  • Jacob Kamats, 22, of Emporium, charged with Disorderly Conduct,
  • Jacob Borowsky, 19, of Port Allegany, charged with Disorderly Conduct,
  • April Mason, 20, of Austin, charged with Harassment.
  • Juvenile male, 16, of Coudersport, charged with Harassment,
  • Juvenile female, 16, of Coudersport, charged with Simple Assault and Disorderly Conduct,
  • Juvenile female, 17, of Coudersport, charged with Disorderly Conduct,
  • Juvenile female, 17, of Austin, charged with Harassment,
  • Juvenile femaile, 14, of Austin, charged with Disorderly Conduct.

All ten individuals were charged by State Police in District Judge Annette L. Easton’s courtroom.

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  1. admin says:

    Normally I reserve my personal comments in such matters, but I find it personally troubling that Mr. Nickerson continues to this day to involve himself with young adolescents, in which violent activity occurs.

    I personally remember as a teenager being involved in such a situation myself with Mr. Nickerson present, at which point he assaulted a juvenile, and being of an adult age himself at the time.

    While I do not know the details of this altercation, I still find it disturbing.

    This is not the type of behavior we need to be impressing upon our youth, and as a parent myself, I’ll gladly offer my criticism publicly with my signature below.

    Tim Hallman
    Editor/Publisher CoudyNews.com

  2. enough says:

    I was just reading this article and once again saw Desiree Rowe has gotten yet another disorderly conduct and this time involving knives. She and her husband were involved in an incident with a gun previously and she has multiple disorderly conducts in Potter County. Come on now how many times do you just get to rack up all these disorderly conducts and get away with it with just fines??? Isn’t there some kind of law about how many of these you can get before something else is done. She is obviously not a very good person to be in public society and when will someone finally do something about this girl???? Any suggestions since the Coudersport bourough or state police justlet it go??? Someone is going to get seriously hurt one of these times……….

    • Itsmeforever01 says:

      Desiree wasn’t by herself…so how would you know who did what. They were all there and that’s what happens. I know this is done and over with but unless you were there..don’t pinpoint anything on anyone. I am also sure you know nothing about her or her life to be able to speak about it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    For enough,
    You honestly dont know what in the hell you are talking about, get a ******* life.

  4. anonymous says:

    Oh but you are so wrong I know exactly what I am talking about. The whole bunch of you are nothing but trouble and need to be locked up instead of working with the police to get yourselves out of trouble ALL THE TIME. I and many other Coudersport residents find it appalling that you keep getting into trouble and you always walk away. Grow up and how about you CHANGE your life for the better.

  5. ihatesnitches. says:

    This comment has been moderated
    lol, I’m sorry but as funny as your comment was, I cannot approve it. For obvious reasons.

  6. Mia says:

    ********** is nothing but a heroine addict she needs to be locked up.. Before she hurts herself or someone else..

  7. its me snitches says:

    jayy kamats is a beast and beat up ol ronnie boy..

  8. its me snitches says:

    any1 wanna know what really happend there that night??

  9. I'll bite says:

    Oh, please, tell us….

  10. WOW!!! says:

    To Enough:

    You are completely right. ********** need to go to jail. She is the one that got her husband locked up for the gun charge in the first place. And while HE is in jail because of her, she is out free to run the streets of coudersport, snorting pills/heroin and blowing lines of coke. And she doesnt work so how do you think she gets these drugs? GUESS!!! Not to mention not being able to keep a needle out of her arm to save her ass!!!!! She gets in fights, usually starting the fights, and just walks away with a fine. Then, she doesn’t work EVER because she is “disabled”, so she pays $5 dollars a month on her numerous fines. For the love of god law enforcement, get your heads out of your asses and do something. DO THE RIGHT THING HERE!!!!!!!!! LOCK HER UP WHERE SHE BELONGS!!!!

    • Itsmeforever01 says:

      One year later I read these and remembered why I didn’t in the first place. People like you who can sit her and judge someone and tell the world this and that….think you know everything about everything. How old are you..doesn’t seem you’re too old that you write a comment like that. Don’t you people have anything better to do. I understand wanting to see what the news is..but maybe you should just read it and go. If you were her mother you wouldn’t want to read that shit. Have you ever heard of the disease called addiction..if not look it up.

  11. enough says:

    I am so glad that I am not the only one who thinks that she is getting away with , well murder if she wanted. She lives on HUD and welfare and we all know how she gets her drugs and not to mention her little friends from Rochester that bring drugs into this town. Hey, Mr. Police Officer when will enough be enough???? Never I guess because she is most likely sleeping with them too. It is sickening, Got people out here getting ridiculous charges and facing time for them when she does whatever she wants, And yes, I agree that her husband is doing hard time in state and she was def involved—-and know she is going around getting into fights all the time and calling the cops on people so what is Des You work for them or do you sleep with them too—most likely both. She will get what she deserves eventually but I hope it is not too late…………………

  12. enough says:

    And NO no one is interested in what you think really happened with anything–you don’t have a truthful bone in your body!!!!!!!!!!!! Never did never will—you run to your Aunt and get her to fight your battles for you anyway but it’s all good YOU WILL BE BEHIND BARS SOON!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Itsmeforever01 says:

      Wow…such ignorance..its insane how people have so much to say about others and they themselves have enough to talk about for days. Would you like that said about you? You must be the same age as the other girl with a comment. Still at that ignorant age. Such accusations will soon catch up to you and bite you in the ass…and I’m sure you wouldn’t want that to happen. Judging anyone (no matter who they are)before you know their life to be judging it…well its not very grown up…and its ignorant

  13. Andy says:

    You people act like she’s the only woman round Coudersport doing this ****. I can think of at leat 5 other ****** doing the same ****, screwing over men,, doped up all the time on welfare popping out babies and can’t take care of none of them while baby daddy pays support. WTF

  14. haha says:

    i dont beleive anyone said anything about her being the only piece of trash in coudersport. from what i have read they are saying that she keeps getting in trouble and never gets punished. which is 100% true. the county and state would be doing themselves and everyone else a favor by locking her ass up where she belongs.

  15. Andy says:

    Yeah well good ******* luck women we know just get a slap on the wrist around here. Reduce there charges or just let them go cuz god knows we afford to house them in Tioga.

  16. enough says:

    Seems like more people are FOR locking her ass up !!! How ell do u know her Mr.Andy?? Obviously NOY VERY WELL and like the previous comment that was made no one said she is the ONLY one out there BUT she seems to bs the most popular person in town to be arrested and fined!! While others are getting hammered for the same shit in court. Ha maybe she is sleeping with ********** too………Regardless,I WiLL see her little ass in jail someday and then will be convinced that she GOT HERS…….Karma is a ******!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please someone take this girl off the street before she is dead or kills someone or even worse puts another innocent husband in prison ………Some of us know thw whole truth about that evening…………

    • Itsmeforever01 says:

      Yeah..I know the truth…what’s the differenc between harrassment and disorderly conduct?? I’ve read many harassing comments here. Grow up. Jesus

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