220 Die as Fuel Truck Explodes in the Congo

SANGE, Congo – According to officials, a tanker truck hauling fuel in a rural part of the Congo overturned after attempting to pass another vehicle, and later exploded killing at least 220 people.

After the truck overturned, the driver was taken to a nearby medical facility, and that is when hundreds of people from nearby shacks and a produce market converged on the truck to illegally siphon fuel from it. U.N. peacekeepers arrived and attempted to remove the men, women, and children from the scene, but they would not leave.

It is believed that shortly after sundown, while crowds still surrounded the tanker truck siphoning fuel, that a woman light a kerosene lantern that ignited the deadly explosion.

Many of those killed were in nearby shacks watching the World Cup. Others were shopping at a local produce market.

As many as 200 people were injured in addition to those killed.

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  1. Suz says:

    I guess in some places they are so poor that they will end up stealing things like gas. The whole situation is sad.

    Maybe the next time they will not steal from someone else’s misfortune!

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