BREAKING NEWS: Drug Bust, 6 Charged in $2 Million Potter County Cocaine Ring

Attorney General says ring stretched from New Jersey to Potter County

Attorney General’s News Release

HARRISBURG – Six suspects were charged today by the Attorney General’s Bureau of Narcotics Investigation (BNI) with participating in a large-scale cocaine distribution ring, which stretched from New Jersey to the streets of Potter County.

Attorney General Tom Corbett said the investigation began in 2005 and focused on the cocaine trafficking activities of David Snyder of Whitesville.

Evidence and testimony regarding the alleged drug activity was presented to a statewide investigating grand jury, which recommended the criminal charges being filed today.

According to the grand jury, Snyder distributed more than 50 kilograms of cocaine with an estimated street value of $2 million in and around Potter County from 2002 through late 2009.

The grand jury identified Snyder’s main source for the cocaine as Jorge “G” Stuart of Camden, New Jersey. Snyder allegedly travelled to Camden to get cocaine from Stuart or occasionally had associates travel and pick-up the drugs on his behalf.

Corbett said that Snyder allegedly paid his couriers with cocaine for making the trips to New Jersey and occasionally sent handguns to Stuart as gifts.

According to the grand jury, Snyder moved to two different locations in New York State, but continued to operate the cocaine distribution network by providing cocaine to Dustin Hurlburt and others, who resold the drugs to customers in Ulyssess, Genesee, West Bingham and other locations in north central Pennsylvania.

Over the course of the investigation agents made and arranged a series of undercover purchases from Snyder and his associates, purchasing ounce quantities of cocaine.

The grand jury found that while Snyder began dealing in ounce quantities that his distribution capabilities eventually grew so large that he was obtaining kilos of cocaine from Stuart for redistribution.

Corbett said that Snyder allegedly kept large quantities of cocaine, money and scales in sealed Army ammunition boxes, which he hid outside his home in the woods.

Corbett thanked the Pennsylvania State Police, the Allegany County New York Police Department, the Allegany County New York District Attorney’s Office and the Potter County Sheriff’s Department for their assistance with the investigation.

The case will be prosecuted in Potter County by Senior Deputy Attorney General Patrick Leonard of the Attorney General’s Drug Strike Force Section.

Below is a list of the defendants and the charges against them.

David Snyder, 50, 925 Wildman Ave., Whitesville, New York, is charged with four counts of delivery of cocaine, four counts of conspiracy to deliver cocaine, one count of possession with the intent to deliver cocaine, one count of possession with the intent to deliver heroin, one count of conspiracy to possess with the intent to deliver cocaine and one count of dealing in proceeds of unlawful activity.

Jorge Stuart, 34, 87 Green Wood Drive, Turnersville, New Jersey, is charged with one count of conspiracy to possess with the intent to deliver cocaine, one count of dealing in proceeds of unlawful activity and one count of criminal use of a communication facility.

Tara Snyder, 29, 925 Wildman Ave., Whitesville, New York, is charged with one count of possession with the intent to deliver cocaine and one count of conspiracy to possess with the intent to deliver cocaine.

Donna Gibble, 42, 1081 Cemetery Rd., Genesee, Potter County, is charged with one count of criminal conspiracy to possess with the intent to deliver cocaine and one count of perjury.

Rich Pratt, 57, 2068 State Route 248A, Whitesville, New York, is charged with one count of possession with the intent to deliver cocaine and one count of conspiracy to possess with the intent to deliver cocaine.

Greg Lampman, 52, 734 Brown Rd., Ulysess, Potter County, is charged with one count of possession with the intent to deliver cocaine, and one count of conspiracy to possess with the intent to deliver cocaine.

(A person charged with a crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty.)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Well they certainly look as if they need some medical attention. I am glad they got caught, we do not need drugs here for our kids to get into. I know this will not stop the drugs, but this sure helps.

  2. Anonymous says:

    are children have a hard enough time staying on the right track,no need for this around here or any where.these people deserve everything they get.
    i have no compasion for people who try to kill our children and friends.

  3. karma says:

    What goes round comes round right! Been coming a long time.
    Now you can pay for what u did Dave!

    RIP Christa

  4. Anonymous says:

    sure has been along time coming

  5. Tomiko Snyder says:

    yeah it was a bad thing he did but the funny thing is people are blaming him for other things he didnt do guess what Karma he had nothing to do with Christa she was phsyco all her own and if they were WATCHING him for so long they would not have let it happen so take the truth and realize that Christa did everything on her own

  6. Anonymous says:

    I knew Dave and and yea like Tomiko says what he did was wrong but there’s no way he had anything to do with what Christa did. Everybody probally thinks hes so bad now after reading this but Dave was a good person I dont care what you say. This pic of Dave don’t even look like the Dave I knew. This is sad all the way and you can all save your judgement because you think these people are so evil but you don’t know.

  7. Tomiko Snyder says:

    thank you….

  8. Cari says:

    Tomiko, is Seth and Dawson ok? I was just wondering who has them. We are worried about them.

  9. Cari says:

    I know Dave too, i don’t agree with the choices he’s made but he was a good guy! Everyone makes mistakes!

  10. Anonymous says:

    might not look like him lol but thats what drugs do to people jeez look at tara..

  11. Tomiko Snyder says:

    They are fine………. Im sure a little shook up Im going to see them later

  12. Anonymous says:

    They all look like hell, especially Dave & Tara. Guess he shoulve stopped years ago, but no, had to be greedy!! Now the boys have to grow up without a mother or father!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    He shouldve stopped years ago, when he was ahead, but he got greedy and got wrapped up in doin the drugs himself! Now his kids are going to grow up with no mother or father all because of greed

  14. Cari says:

    Tomiko, could you please tell them that Cari & Cody miss & love them. cody has been really worried since we found out this morning. We weren’t sure who had them or what was going on. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen them so hopefully they remember us. Thank you!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Umm I think he got charged for something that happened in 05 so I dont see how saying he should have stopped makes a difference.

  16. Anonymous says:

    They made a mistake , One that thier kids are going to have to deal with the rest of thier lives ! Dave and Tera will probably not have the rite to be parents again till the kids are grown ! Speaking of parents , what is wrong with Tera’s parents , are they stupid or just blind !!! If my son in law drug my daughter into that crap ….. Well lets just say , the police and getting busted would have been the least of his worries !!!
    I feel bad for the kids …. and I know they are very good kids !! They always looked after each other when playing out in front of the house !

  17. Anonymous says:

    You have got to be kidding me when you said what about Tera’s parents….humm. She was raised in the bars in Shongo, NY………by her mother. This whole situation is making me puke. As for Dave’s family, why dont you join Facebook or something and keep your family crap to yourselves. I for one dont want to hear it, he made far more than ONE mistake. Has ruined many lives that I know of. PERSONALLY……..

  18. Anonymous says:

    All you guys that want to bash Dave let it be. He was my best friend for a long long time and is one of the gretest people I ever met, he is like family. he is one of the greatest dads there could be as well. As far as the Christa shit this is her nephew & know damn well Dave had nothing to do with it!what happend to her was her own doing. I just understand why you people want to make a bad situation worse.

  19. UNESPECTED says:


  20. Anonymous says:

    He had NO reason to kill Christa, that’s ridiculous! I seen that man try and try to make that relationship work. Even after they split he still helped her out. Yeah he made some big mistakes, but he was a good guy and father. Drugs change people and its sad, but now the boys are the ones who have to pay the price of his bad decisions. I’ve known Dave for years and the boys were his world and he just wanted them to have a good life. He definitely went about it in the wrong way, but when people get wrapped up in that type of lifestyle they don’t think how their actions are going to effect other people including their kids. It’s a sad situation for everyone that’s involved, especially the families of the people that were busted. Everyone makes mistakes, what matters most is if you learn from them and move on.

  21. Anonymous says:

    i cant believe people feel sorry for dave.he should of been locked up years ago…

  22. UNESPECTED says:


  23. Tomiko Snyder says:

    locked up years ago huh id really like to know who says my dad was soo awful what happened he sell you some bad drugs………… he wasnt the greatest person towards jerks who treated family or friends like crap and no he wasnt the worlds best father either….. but my brothers were always taken care of and you all feel so bad for them quite running your mouths then because thats what gets to them the worst!!!!!

  24. Anonymous says:

    You know …. for those who keep saying Dave was a good dad , you must live out of town ,because I have driven by that house almost every day since they moved in ! I have NOT once seen Dave outside with the kids , they were always out in the street ( even the little one ) dodging cars playing B ball without any parental supervision !! And to the ones who don’t think Dave had a reason to kill Christa , you don’t know anything about the drugs he was on ! He didn’t need a reason !!! Something else … A “good dad” would have thought about his actions and what effects his bad decisions might have on his kids !!

  25. Tomiko Snyder says:

    You know …. for those who keep saying Dave was a good dad , you must live out of town………… do you all seriously miss the fact I keep saying my father wow people are really dumb huh

  26. Anonymous says:


  27. Anonymous says:

    This entire conversation among you all is sad.

    The ones arrested are criminals and deserve to be punished. Hello,get out of the box people, drugs kill and make people sick. Sick in the body and in the head.

    The parents arrested in this drug ring, might be the best thing that ever happened to the kids!

    Kids wake up, what your parents were doing was wrong. It is NEVER ok to put a childs life in danger! That is wrong and selfish!

    Do you even realize for one moment the danger your parents put you in? Not just drugs, but those who are involved with the drug ring? You can not tell me that the drugs they did had no emotional effect on you! I know darned well the lifestyle your parents lived, the people your parents hung out with ALL evolved around the drugs. Not a healthy place for kids to be!

    I hope the kids involved get some help, someone needs to show them a life without the drugs is what is normal and those involved with the drugs need help too. I would hate to see the kids put their parents on a transparent pedastool. I know you love your parents, but dealing drugs and doing them is wrong and they need to be punished. Please do not follow in their footsteps. Get some help please.

  28. Anonymous says:

    oh once again poor dave doesnt look so tough in his photo lol

  29. Anonymous says:

    RIP Christa <3

  30. Anonymous says:

    To poster November 9th, 2010 11:38 pm : be brave enough to tell us who you we can talk the same crap after you are killed! LOSER. his kids might someday read this..get a life.

  31. Kelly Lehman says:

    All you Sherlock Holmes detectives around here should put your good crime fighting skills to better use. Are you so stupid as to not think about the people that are going to be reading all these comments (Children). Life is hard enough without the help self declared know it alls.

  32. Jenn Ballard says:

    kelly, well said.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Some of you people need to get a life. These people are bad people, not good, you say they are good because you were probably one of their clients. They are what is wrong with society today, they bring it down so that they can get high, and get others high. I hope they all rot in prison. And their children are better off without them.

  34. anonymous says:

    This comment cannot be approved as it clearly violates our commenting Terms of Service.

    As a reminder, and to clarify our commenting policy: You may comment anonymously. However, any comment that specifically targets an individual or organization in a less than favorable manner must be signed with your name in order to be approved.

    We reserve the right to reject any comment that we deem necessary at any time.

    Please either rephrase your comment in a less derogatory manner, or sign your name to the comment in order for it to be approved.

  35. hello says:

    well… yeah what dave did was wrong and illegal.. but for those who have only just READ about drugs should not be allowed to sate your opinion as to what they do to people. It can be very hard to get off drugs and because of drugs they change the way you think and that sometimes cant be controlled. alot of GOOD people get mixed up in drugs and it ruins their lives.. And for the christa thing… that has absolutely not a damn thing to do with this article or the charges against dave. And really you should just leave his kids out of it.. It’s probably better for them to be able to forget about this whole deal then to have ignorant people reminding them of it and putting down their family. But i do have to say that if you want to get in it about christa then theres plenty to be said about that.. how about all the times she cheated on him.. when they werent together went to his house and beat up his girlfriend… thats just .00001 percent of her nasty actions..

  36. anonymous says:

    I’ve known Dave my whole life he was a great guy always trying to get ahead in life the way he was with his children was nothing less than magical why every year i could count on old Dave to give me an 8 ball or two for christmas free of charge even.. I’m gonna miss you Dave take care..

  37. Anonymous says:

    This is the best thing for these people it is pretty obvious that they need help! To the people who are saying stuff about Christa its is so wrong. How can a person who has passed away fend for herself! Stop and think about it how would you like it if you were the one who was passed away and people were talking about you!?!?!?! Im a sure that the boys also know how to use a computer. They are smart enough you go on google and see all the mean and hurtfull things you are saying.If you are going to say things that are not okay for the children to see, say it somewhere else! Seriously stop and think yeh WHAT IF Christa took them to a crack house isnt that better than living in one! That is where these kids have been raised since their mother passed away! No that Dave is in Jail these kids might have a fighting chance to lice a “Normal” life!

  38. Lisa Soule says:

    You people are ridiculous. Is any of this doing anyone any good? Do your passive aggresive comments left anonymously feed your ego? What kind of person Dave is, what kind of father he was, has no bearing on this situation. Christa wasn’t a saint, and I don’t see the pope knocking the door down to offer the sainthood to Dave either. Christa is dead and Dave is in jail. I knew them both. I always thought Dave to be a friend. I wrote the eulogy at Christa’s funeral. I loved her with all of my heart in spite of and because of her flaws. I’ve come to see Dave as responsible for her death. It is my opinion and I am intitled to it. If that qualifies me as one those “Christa People” than so be it. It too holds mute in this case. Dave dealt drugs. Not just harmless marijuana, but cocaine and heroine. People, not just Christa, have lost their lives in this county. The time has come that someone be held accountable. Dave Snyder made his bed and now it’s time for him to lay in it. Miko, I am truly sorry for the pain that this situation causes for you and your family, but there are a lot of others that have suffered far greater through the years. I can only hope that your little brothers can cope with yet another loss. Everyone else…Bite me!

  39. anonymous says:

    Comment violates our TOS. It has been edited accordingly.

    Editor’s Note: I allowed your one comment, although it was complete sarcasm, but this and the following comment directly insinuate that you participated in illegal activity with an individual named here. If this is true, and you would still like such information published, you will need to include your signature in the form of your full name and contact details, so that we may confirm that you indeed are the author of such a statement.

    I am sorry, but I am not going to allow anonymous posters to spam derogatory and possibly libelous accusations with no apparent substance.

  40. anonymous says:

    Comment violates our TOS. It has been edited accordingly.

  41. anonymous says:

    Comment violates our TOS. It has been edited accordingly.

  42. anonymous says:

    ok just checking to see if you were actually monitering the replies good job by the way !!

  43. Anonymous says:

    post Nov. 2010 1:18 pm ….. You are a loser and should be Dave’s roomie for the next 20 yrs .!!!!

  44. anonomys says:

    I knew Tara as a small child. i am so sorry that her life has come to this. she is the only one out of all those photos that looks upset about what has happened. i WILL pray for her. She WAS once a beautiful little child, and I still see that in her face. she looks scared and my gut tells me she got caught up in something as a kid and got in way over her head. Maybe after all these years she has learned how to fake it to make people feel sorry for her-OR MAYBE she didn’t know how to get out of the situation once she got into it. that’s what drugs do . OH Tara, I am so sorry. Know that someone does love you and is praying for you whether you are sorry or not.

  45. Cari says:

    Why don’t you inconsiderate jerks think before you open your mouth! There’s a chance that the children of the people that were arrested could be reading these posts right now. I think they’ve been through enough s*** in the short time they’ve been in this world, that they don’t need to read details of their mother’s death on top of everything else that’s going on in their lives right now. I’m not condoning any of these 6 people’s actions, but just take into consideration the families that have to deal with their mistakes. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but take a sec to think about how your words are going to effect the families or the kids that are reading this.

  46. Erika says:

    Have a little respect for the people that passed. Their faults no longer matter. Let them rest finally. For goodness sake people, let all these poor people rest, move on and finally heal.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Was Christa also a snyder?

  48. Anonymous says:

    cari why dont you let everyone know where youve been and why……could it be the same place daves headed lol for same reason also…

  49. Anonymous says:

    no comment cari or cody

  50. Cari says:

    Yeah I did make some poor decisions in my life and ended up going to prison for drugs. But I’ve cleaned up and no longer live that kind of lifestyle. To whoever posted that comment I don’t know why you’re so worried about where I’ve been and what for. This has nothing to do with me!

  51. Anonymous says:

    Karma is a bad thing? But those who need to clean there own closet really should not be posting anything on here. The girl is gone and who are we to judge anyone they will get there judgement day. What is going to happen to the children that are involed in this? Before anyone post anything on here you should think about the ones that your words are going to hurt.

  52. Billy says:

    This blog is ridiculous! The comments are suppose to be related to the news article, so why is Christa’s name appearing? then you see people who want to air other people’s business. If you have the nerve to put someone else’s business out there then why don’t you have the nerve to put your name on your post? Afraid someone might know who you are and what you might have done? Come on people comment on the bust not about everyone and everything else! I agree with some of the other posts, people need to watch what they write. You don’t know who’s going to read what you wrote. The families of these people are innocent victims and are going through a terrible situation that doesn’t need to be made worse because people want to make accusations or assumptions or just plain ignorant comments. What i don’t understand is if the cops were watching him all these years then why were them kids left in that house? What if one of them wouldve gotten into his drugs and died? Thank god that didn’t happen but would if it did? The cops just sat back and left them kids there knowing the possibilities & dangers!! Not to mention all the people that were buying from these individuals that became addicted,overdosed or worse, passed away. Most of these situations could have been avoided if the investigators, cops and whoever else was involved moved in sooner!

  53. melissa says:

    I agree, the kids should have definately been removed a long time ago.It was completely irresponsible of the cops to leave them there, knowing what was going on.Why wasn’t he charged with some sort of child abuse charges or something?I’m not that “law savvy”,but I do know that,even if he loves his children very much and wants the best for them,raising them in that type of environment is not healthy,at best.Seriously, if those children had found an 8 ball and ingested it,we would be mourning there loss, not just the loss of there beautiful mother.

  54. anonymously says:

    Well i have read all of your comments and alot of them i agree on. Someone mentioned what about Tara’s parents getting her out of that life , WELL what about Tara’s BROTHER who is a POLICE OFFICER in NYS was he blind to what was going on here or what?

  55. Ashleigh says:

    I don’t really see where their families have anything to do with the situation. Yeah Dave was a good person,(I knew the old Dave & Christa, and they both had they’re imperfections but who doesn’t. I can tell you that they both Loved all of they’re kids and they liked to have fun, sometimes it got carried away, but can ANY ONE of you say you haven’t been in the same situation?! I doubt it..and this certainly isn’t the place to bash a woman who lays in a grave now, no matter the reason shes they’re she still deserves to Rest In Peace.) and maybe under the drugs he still is, but this isn’t a trial on his morals..obviously. it’s a trial about DRUGS, which NO ONE wants they’re kids raised around, even if you get into drugs yourself, you still want better for your kids..but are to caught up in the feeling you get when your high to be able to walk away, Yeah Tara was a nice innocent young girl, but she fell in Love with Dave knowing what kind of stuff he was doing, and she let herself get tied up in it, therefore she made her choice to be involved, hopefully EVERYONE involved can come out of this one way or another and learn from it, instead of making the same mistakes they have in the past. EVERY one of these people have someone out there who loves them and who can still see the good person inside of them, and those people who can see that person (if you feel strongly about it)need to be standing by they’re family members and helping them make a better life for themselves and they’re children (and i don’t mean enabling them to continue like they have been) I mean supporting them to get help and make a difference..if they can’t do this then maybe they’ve COMPLETELY lost the Good person in themselves..But please when your making comments remember that they’re Mothers, Fathers, and children are ALL reading these and it’s hard enough to have to see someone you love in this situation, even if they’ve put themselves there but to have your parenting critized because your GROWN child decided to live life this way is WRONG, I’m sure all of the parents of these people are disappointed in them, but they still love them. There’s probably 6 mom’s crying horribly becuz this is what they’re childs life has come to…put yourself in they’re shoes…

    I hope the guilty are charged like they should be and the ones that want better for themselves pursue that and I hope the people who were involved in this but didn’t get busted are learning a lesson….

  56. Justice? says:

    This whole story makes me wonder :
    What is wrong with the world today?
    Does anyone wonder WHY, David Snyder has SO many charges against him, and the ( BIGGER) person, from New Jersey only has a few?
    Also, from 2002 to late 2009 ? DUH?
    Why the arrest NOW?
    The whole story does not make any sence to me.
    Sounds like “somebody” might be getting “SET UP”.
    I also know all of David’s families and ex families.
    Not many of them would say anything Bad about David, because whenever they needed help, David would be the first one they would turn to.
    I did NOT know that drugs were a part of his life NOW.
    Yes ,it is a shame that he did not consider the consequences of the many lives he was harming.
    As for the comments you people are writing:
    Look around your own family and friends.
    If one of them got caught doing something like this, would you post these same JUDGEMENTAL things about them?
    Speak your words sweetly, because one day YOU MAY HAVE TO EAT THEM.
    I pray for everyone involved in this.
    GOD works in misterious ways.
    Please GOD, protect each and everyone of them.

  57. Anonymous says:

    First of and foremost, All of these people are guilty of crimes…. Second. People choose drugs, drugs do not choose people, they are the only people accountable for their actions. Third. Children live what’s learned eventually one way or another throughout their life. Let’s hope that they don’t exhibit any negative learned behaviors.

    Mr. Snyder has had this coming to him for awhile, and the largest list of charges…. hmmm, I certainly do know for a fact quite a few people that have fallen before him, that were getting large amounts of drugs, and selling them for him and making a little money for themselves. Like Mr. Hollenbeck, and Mr. Waters, Mr. Luce, etc.. The list goes on! There’s also quite a few others that haven’t been caught selling that are associated, perhaps I should start naming you all off! Maybe it could possibly be a few of you of whom aren’t mentioning your names.

    As for kid from new jersey… if some of you knew anything about the law or anything else for that matter.. ( yeah you the ones that are complaining, and cannot even spell or use correct grammar…the super educated, less fortunate ones, probably the people who have been shorted or cut off by one of these people or been effected by their arrests, because you’re just as much of a loser) you’d know enough to see that most of the people aka snakes in the grass that uphold the law; you’d certainly see that they are not going to give that kid anything more than that because they’ll try to get that kid to turn around and “roll over” on who he’s getting the large quantities from. This is all about moving up the ladder. Furthermore they can only give him a couple charges because they don’t have years of evidence on him. The sad part is that he’ll eventually walk off with maybe a slap on the wrist, and possibly protective custody if he cooperates and turns in his boss and the one above him. This is sad, but there are lots of loopholes for sneaky people… With the police sooner or later you’ll find someone who’s a rat…like Mr. Pratt! Who’s still out walking the streets… and why is that I wonder??

    As for the children, this is a very unfortunate situation, and I can only hope the best for them. Children all too often fall victim to their parents actions, and have to suffer the reprocussions of their havoc. I can only hope to see that they are not placed in any sort of permanent situation with Mr. Bernie Riley. He as a police officer has known all too well what his sister has been doing personally and with those children around, and what kind of business her husband participates in. Being the “Dare Cop” like he once was and I believe still is ( don’t quote me on that one) I’d think that when he goes into schools and preaches to children, their families and the community about being drug free, he’d turn around and preach to the choir in his own back yard. I’d love for someone to argue with me about this also… Mr. Riley is a snake in the grass…I have seen with my own 2 eyes, him and one or 2 of his pals over the years, and on several occasions come and go through Whitesville, and in the local bars as well… higher than a kites to the point where their eyes are as large as saucers, sniffling noses, and they’re extra chatty cathy’s… these symptoms are that of a person who’s done cocaine in the last 30-50mins. Don’t want to believe it… fine…lol it’s true! It’s also true that his babysitter of years, is known around Wellsville to partake in similar activities! So what I’m saying is… just when you think you know everything, you don’t!

    The safest place for these children would be, to be in a community away from here, with a family that wants to take in all three of these children so they can stay together. I fear that if they were to stay here it would be more damning to them than what they’ve seen and been through already; given all of you people out there involved in the small town, white trash, rumor politics that you’re all consumed with constantly talking about uneducated things. Then you go and talk about them..(aka adult business) in front of your children, or near them, so they in turn are made aware and they go to school or other places with other children and repeat the stories you were telling.. and to other children, then they go and pick on these poor boys! That’s PRETTY SAD! Note to some of you.. If you’re going to talk about things, use educated facts, real solid evidence, not in front of or around your children or anyone else’ for that matter you with your words are just as damning to your children and others as the above mentioned people, and last but not least when that little red line appears under a word while you’re typing… you spelled it wrong… but you like your spelling are incorrect about a lot of things. ENOUGH OF THE RHETORIC!

    Editor’s Note: I normally would not allow this comment as it mentions individuals anonymously. However, this time I will allow it. Next time, please post a signature or I am afraid I will have to deny this type of comment.

  58. amclugh says:

    well i know this family personally and to make myself feel better i am wriging a post to let everyone know what i think and i think the ones on here talking so much s*** most like used the substences being sold or someone in your family waqs using and i have known this family for a verylong time iv known them as far back as the dave and christa years go and i know dave did not kill christa what she did was in her own doing not his and no he is not a bad person nor she i will stand by and do anything i can yes they did chose a rather bad way to live but the money was apperently good and if you were making money thats fast and easily you most likely would be in the situation they are in so o he is so bad bulls*** you dont even know and i hope well i know its going to t\get old and ppl will stop talking s*** like they do so jut to set it straight they are not bad ppl in my eyes they were very good to me when i was down and sad thing is i dont even USE DRUGS and as for all your concers for the boys they are fine and there parnts took very good care of them !!!

  59. teach says:

    Hi, I work at the school and I’m going to tell you this; Those boys loved their dad, tera, and little brother. They loved their dad so much that they told other kids when they were put down because they were told “your dad’s a drug dealer” that they would say you know my dad’s not really a drug dealer… THIS IS WHAT HARMFUL THINGS HE EXPOSED HIS CHILDREN TO WITH HIS ACTIONS! Easy money…. we certainly wouldn’t want anyone to work hard these days and earn an honest living, now would we. And furthermore, I couldn’t stomach making a living of from “easy money” knowing full well that what I was selling to people would ruin their lives, their families, and possibly injure/ kill that individual, or others! As for all of you carrying on defending people, how about if he gave your kids some of the candy he’s been peddling for years, don’t you want the best for your children, aka not drugs or the lifestyle that goes along with it?? Think about it!

  60. mich says:

    the charges should’ve also included endangering the welfare of a child *3, and wreckless endangerment.

  61. Justice? says:

    To anonymous;
    OMG, I hope when I grow up (and learn to spell),that I can be as self rightous as you are.
    I hope I am around when YOU :
    “Miss or Mr Perfect”, have your judgement day.
    If you want to make your town a better place, and you know EVERYTHING about ALL these people, why don’t you go to the POLICE and “tip them off”.
    I suspect the police probably know you “already” as a TROUBLE MAKING BUSY BODY THAT DOESN’T GET ALONG WITH ANYONE. Also you probably spend ALL your time meddling into other peoples business, instead of MINDING YOUR OWN BUSINESS.

  62. Anonymous says:

    I’d just like to say that I agree with one of the previous post, regarding the boys. I think it’d be best if they were to be taken in, perhaps by family, that do not live in the Whitesville, Genesee Area. I can’t even fathom what them little boys are going through right now, being so young and losing their mom a few years ago and now losing their father. As far as school, everyone knows how mean kids can be and the last thing they need is to be bullied about the poor choices their father and step mother have made. I can imagine they’ve already encountered the teasing and taunting in school and I just hope that the teachers and staff step up and let it be known that that behavior will not be tolerated. School, would normally be a way to get their minds off of the problems at home, but not if they are being harassed by other students. If you are a parent that knows anything about whats going on with these 6 individuals please refrain from discussing it in front of your children, especially if they go to school with any of the kids of these people. Just wouldn’t want your kid to have to endure the teasing that they are already going through. It’s just going to make a bad situation worse.
    In a previouse post, someone had mentioned Mr. Pratt. I read in the paper that he was released on unsecured bail, along with Mr. Lampman. That could be why you see them still on the streets. I’d imagine that bail wasn’t set for Tara or Dave because the judge probably figured they could post it.
    Another thing I don’t understand is, why did Mr. Snyder keep selling, even after alot of his “smaller” associates were getting busted? Did he think he was invincible? So many questions, but not enough answers!!
    As far as Mr. Riley goes, there’s no way he didn’t know what was going on in that house! It’s his sister! With him being a officer of the law, you’d think he’d have encounters with people on drugs that he wouldve recognized the signs. It’s one thing to just ignore what your sister is doing, but another when there’s kids involved!!! He basically neglected them, knowing full well that there was drugs being sold there. Then I hear he has the 3 boys, I don’t think this is the best situation for them either. How is he going to protect them and take care of them when he did nothing before?
    It’s a shame that this investigation went as long as it did. I understand the cops needed hard evidence, but how much evidence do you need? Alot of lives were effected by this man, i know of a few personally. It’s just a shame that so many lives had to be ruined along the way. Drugs devastate lives!! I’ve seen GOOD people get wrapped up in them and eventually the “good” in them disappears. They live for drugs and drugs only. Many people’s lives were destroyed by these individuals, just so they could make some “easy, fast money.” Well, how about you go to work everyday like the REST OF US!! If I could ask them one question, it’d be: Was the money worth it? Not only did they ruin the lives of the people they were selling it to, but most importantly they ruined their children’s lives and their families. Mr. Snyder will be lucky if he ever gets out of prison again or is a part of his son’s life!! I just pray that them kids are safe and well taken care of. NO one should have to go through what they are, especially at their age.

  63. Anonymous says:

    well cari and cody we all know you 2 went to prison for selling drugs for dave…

  64. Jason says:

    If they already went to prison for what they did then why are you talking about it? This blog is about the 6 individuals that were arrested! I think people need to start putting their names on their posts, so their business can be put out there as well. They sure don’t mind putting others out there. That’s the thing, some of these people who are “name happy” were probably involved with these people in some way or another themselves. Anyway, has anyone heard any updates on these arrests? I seen 2 of them were released on bail, but that’s it. Also, what i don’t understand is why they have Snyder in Potter County. I thought he’d be in Ny since thats where he lives and where some of his charges are from. I’m thinking since Pa has stricter laws on drugs than Ny,they could really stick it to him there.

    Editor’s Note: Jason, I agree with you about the names. I’ve been very lax as far as allowing anonymous comments on this particular post, but in the future folks we’re gonna have to put a name down to get these types of comments approved.

    As for why he’s in Potter County, I am only speculating here, but I believe it is mainly because a PA Grand Jury indicted him, and the PA AG’s office has been working the case for half of a decade.

  65. Jason says:

    Thanks Editor for the update!I haven’t seen any recent news articles pertaining to these people, so I thought I’d ask. It seems like people want to talk about everything and everyone else except the matter at hand. I dont care what this person or that person did, they have nothing to do with this, especially if they were already arrested and jailed for it. STICK TO THE SUBJECT!! These (anonymous) people obviously don’t put their names down out of fear that someone else reading this will recognize them and air their dirty laundry! If you DON’T want your business out there then don’t do it to someone else! I have a suggestion: If someone wants to post things about people other than the 6 that were arrested then I wouldn’t post it, period.
    This case is obviously pretty big with the Attorney General involved. Too bad they waited so long to charge him, alot of lives couldve been saved. He caused alot of damage to the small communities around him. Well I’m glad they’re all off the streets, 6 down, many more to go.

    Editor’s Note: Thanks Jason. There is in fact one other article that followed up the arrest. We do plan on continuing to follow the case as it progresses. Thanks for reading 🙂

  66. aNoNoYmOuSlY says:

    Comment violates our TOS. Please resubmit the comment with a signature or exclude the personal information and submit it for reconsideration.

    Editor’s Note: Please lets stay on topic and not involve children in this discussion.

  67. Anonymous says:

    From an outsider’s point of view, how many women do you know that have hung themselves? This is the only one I’ve ever heard of.

  68. aNoNoYmOuSlY says:

    Dear editor, I did not mention any names personally or bash anyone specific, yet you delete MY comment? It was a very generic statement and one of the said about him and his children, You have allowed so many posts mentioning SPECIFIC people’s names. You really should be more specific in your editing. You seem a little bias. If you aren’t going to let generic statements be posted then you really shouldn’t allow ANY posts that mention ANY family members if they writer won’t post their name.

    Editor’s Response: As I’ve said before, this thread is getting way out of hand and I have already allowed comments that probably should have been deleted to begin with. I see no point in continuing to allow anonymous posters to bring anyone’s children into this conversation. Also, lets be clear here. While you did not specifically mention a name, you referred to Mr. Snyder’s older children in a condescending and derogatory way. If you choose to sign your name to the comment, then I will allow it. Otherwise, please re-word your comment and I’ll reconsider it. I have moderated other comments in this thread as you can see by scrolling up. This article is becoming dated and I see no reason to keep beating a dead horse by posting negative comments about people’s children. Please also understand that your comment sat for so long because I debated on whether or not to allow it. In the end I came to the determination that the content did not merit approval. I do apologize if you disagree with my decision.

  69. aNoNoYmOuSlY says:

    My personal opinion is this, you stated ” this thread is getting way out of hand and I have already allowed comments that probably should have been deleted to begin with”, then you should go back and delete the comments that probably should have been deleted to begin with. You also stated “This article is becoming dated and I see no reason to keep beating a dead horse by posting negative comments about people’s children.” I respect your decision to not post my comment, as I was just seeing if you would actually allow it, notice I didn’t mention ANY names specifically. It’s not just the children that are being affected by this. I think this post is negatively affecting the families and the children of the all the people that were arrested and you should remove the postings that comment about other people besides those specifically that were arrested, even if the name is submitted. Again, that is just my opinion so take it for what it’s worth.

  70. admin says:

    I appreciate your opinion and your input on this matter.

    Please understand that it is not our policy to delete comments that were previously approved, simply because doing so could greatly skew and manipulate the dialog that has already taken place, as other comments were possibly made in reference to the comments that would be deleted.

    I have done my best to keep commenting on CN respectful and on-topic, which is much more than I can say for the ‘other blog’.

  71. aNoNoYmOuSlY says:

    I am not aware of any other blog. Thank you for listening to my opinion. In the end, it’s an unfortunate situation for everyone involved.

  72. Anonymous says:

    I know, personally, that Dave & Tara have RUINED many lives by involving their ‘friends’ who were ‘like family’ into their DRUG RING, NOT giving one ounce of thought about what it could do to their kids, or anyone for that matter!! It has totally destroyed their lives and everyone’s lives that they have touched and shared their drugs with. A choice that they all took on willingly!! ENJOYING every second of their HIGHS!! The kids are now left with their aftermath…no matter what the outcome is…the kids will suffer for Dave & Tara’s choices to do drugs & keep them at their home. I feel bad for the kids…as for the Drugs they have used & marketed…you can tell by looking at them that it’s totally taken them over. Why is it after reading all of the comments here…everyone has seemed to overlook that they DO & HAVE SOLD DRUGS, ALL kinds!! Drugs are killing them!! Period!! End of story!! It has torn families apart!! If they are found guilty…that’s less drugs out there to kill someone else!! Get a grip & realize that the Drug problem in our small towns are right next door to us & killing people that were once good people…it makes for it a simple outcome – IT WILL KILL SOMEONE!! They need help and if they can’t help themselves…no one else can help them!!

  73. Anonymous says:

    Very well said not only they ruined their lives but how many others.feel very sorry for all 3 boys though such nice kids.

  74. Anonymous says:

    [Comment violates our TOS. It has been edited accordingly.]

    [EDITED] is the LAST person those kids should be living with. He is a JOKE of a police officer, let alone ever being the DARE officer. Tara grew up with him and he personally provided the alcohol for her and all of her friends… the friends that he then tried constantly to take advantage of.

  75. almost anonymous says:

    Wow. This is a sad situation. I moved away from potter county a long time ago, deffenitely not coming back. I heard about this from family still living in potter county. I thought I would take a minute to inform most of you that when you name names of people that arent even involved in this it can really hurt someone that is innocent. why do CHILDREN have to pay for parents mistakes? Im as far away from potter county as I could possibly be and Im reading all this crap about people that really have nothing to do with it. Greg Lampman is in my Immediate family. I havent read anything bad about him besides the obvious so this may be none of my business. Im not defending anything or anyone but the innocent children. come on you guys, think of the children. I dont even know these kids but im feeling pretty bad for them. Does everyone posting crap on here put their own life on the Internet for all to see? Maybe you would feel differently about that if you were forced to put one bad thing about yourself everytime you put up a negative about someone else. Drugs change people, everyone makes mistakes and most of you at home pointing your fingers should watch out. sometimes its better off to keep your own nose on your own face. those who judge… well they will be judged. we are all sinners, some worse than others. With that being said, I forgot who I would be talking to… Im sure it won’t only take a few minutes for some loser to get on here to find a issue with this post. I really don’t mind since you have your opinion and I have mine. I just think children are innocent and adults should think before they type.

  76. Dustin Hallock says:

    sad that this had to happen… i am the young one but, shit goes bad for some people… i hope that people have seen the damage they caused.. and made amends with themselves life is rough but there’s always hope

  77. Anonymous says:

    Tara was a beautiful, smart, and funny girl. She was at the top of her class and had received scholorships. It is a shame that drugs caused her to get caught up in such a mess. I am sure she feels terrible and feel awful that her son cries himself to sleep missing her. Hopefully this will help her to straighten her life out and once again become the real TARA WHITE. The real Tara would NEVER be with such trash, drugs really got the best of her and I pray everyday that she gets the help that she needs and will be home soon with her family and friends that LOVE her SO very much and have missed her TOO much for so long. TARA, WE LOVE AND MISS YOU… KRISTI AND MICHELLE:)

  78. Anonymous says:

    is dave outta jail yet?the rest of them seem to be..

  79. admin says:

    According to court documents he is still incarcerated and unable to post the required $400,000 bail.

  80. wondering says:

    Any updates on the preliminary hearings that were today?

  81. wondering says:

    when do they go to court? anyone know

  82. still wondering says:

    when do they go to court?

  83. wondering says:

    i heard dave goes to court end of june and tara will be tried right along with him.

  84. still wondering says:

    end of june i thought it was suppose to be first of april.must be hes having fun in pc jail lol

  85. jeez says:

    its now july 4th whens court?

  86. wondering says:

    daves trial starts in september. tara took a plea deal.

  87. potter county says:

    ok its oct 18 when is the trial?

  88. Anonymous says:

    Found guilty on all charges

  89. Dawson snyder says:

    For all you dumb mother fuckers who won’t put your name, you’re all trash, my father was one hell of a guy, I was with him all the time and didn’t see any of the dumb shit that you people say, so instead of sitting on your ass collecting welfare and starting a bunch of rumors how about you go get a job where you work and don’t sit at your house on your cell phone, for my mom passing away, ik the truth to that, if any of you can pull the sand out of your vag then post something with your first and last name!! Ignorant fucks

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