A Different Kind of "Unstoppable" Kicks Off in October

News Release from Josh Hatcher

The “Unstoppable” Movie with Denzel Washington may not come out until November 12th, but local residents can get a taste of a different kind of “Unstoppable” this coming weekend.

Open Arms Community Church in Bradford is preparing to launch it’s October sermon series entitled, “Unstoppable: How to stop life from becoming a train wreck” during their regular services October 3rd.

“It’s something that we feel is of cultural value to our community,” says Mike McAvoy, the pastor at Open Arms, “With the movie “Unstoppable” being filmed in our region, it’s something that people can relate to.” McAvoy explains that the the series is meant to offer hope for people who feel like their lives are out of control.

“So many are frustrated, stressed, miserable, and hurting, but fail to see that a change is what is required. Do what you’ve always done, get what you’ve always got, and to think differently is insanity. But, it’s not just “a change”, it’s making “the right change” that will make the difference. Our goal with this series is to help each person identify that “right change” for them that will help them live a better quality of life. “

The sermon series at Open Arms is not affiliated with the Fox Pictures production filmed in McKean and Cameron counties, but the church hopes to use the concepts as a springboard for discussion about faith.

McAvoy explains that the analogy of an out of control train is a perfect analogy for the human condition, “We are all about being proactive, taking preventive steps and measures to keep life moving in the right direction. Unfortunately very few of us can see how the decisions we are making are going to produce this out of control train and there are many life experiences that blindside us. So, we need something to help us reign in this out of control situation and get headed in the right direction, living a new way of life, making new and better choices, and getting better results.”

Open Arms has used ideas from popular movies and television shows in the past, including references to NBC’s “Heroes”, Superman, and the Twilight Saga, to name few. Open Arms Media Coordinator Josh Hatcher explains the church’s approach to using culture references this way, “Our culture places a high value on entertainment. At Open Arms, we are always looking for ways to help communicate a message of hope in ways people can value and understand.”

Open Arms Community Church’s services are held Sunday Mornings at 9:15 and 11:00. For more information, visit their website at: http://www.openarmsbradford.org

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