‘Agritourism’ Shows Growth Potential For Area Farms

From Potter County Today

alpacawonPrices for growers and dairy operators tend to fluctuate and profit margins can be slim, but there is one farm-related commercial opportunity that has been steadily growing — “agritourism.” It’s strictly defined as “the practice of touring agricultural areas to see farms and often to participate in farm activities.” At a practical level, it can cover everything from the Hamilton farm’s corn maze in Ulysses to the open house/alpaca petting event at the Howard family’s Cinco C’s farm out Sartwell Creek. Another element of agritourism is the marketing of farm-fresh vegetables and fruits to tourists through roadside stands, farmers’ markets or special promotions at the farm itself.

The Center for Rural Pennsylvania has sponsored a research project that has led to the publication of Your Agritourism Business in Pennsylvania: A Resource Handbook. Its sections include:

  • Is Agritourism Right For You?
  • Getting Started
  • Strategies For Success
  • Help Beyond This Handbook

To obtain a copy of the publication and to learn more about available assistance, contact the center at 717-787-9555 or on the internet here.

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