And They Joke About Potter County!

A whole new meaning to ‘Sheeple’

We’ve all heard the jokes about those of us who live in Potter County… but believe it or not, these photos are not from around here.

We were about ten miles outside of Elmira, NY, today, traveling along Interstate 87 when I happened to glance over at the car in the right lane, and to my amazement, I saw two sheep riding along in the back seat of a Subaru, much like dogs would!

The driver quickly noticed that I was snapping photos, and after giving him a thumbs-up he greeted me with a smile and a peace sign. The sheep however looked at me like, “What’s your problem dude, you never saw a couple of sheep cruising around in the back of a subie?”

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  1. Midge Houghtaling says:

    … not sure, but it looks like one of the sheep is wearing a seat belt???

  2. Susan says:

    That’s so funny, Laughing here in Potter County!!

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