AP Probe: Arrests Haunt Slew of Pennsylvania Leaders


HARRISBURG — Drug offenses, gun charges, theft and drunken driving turned up in the backgrounds of some state lawmakers when the entire Pennsylvania General Assembly was checked against public records, news accounts and other sources.

At least five lawmakers were found to have convictions of criminal offenses. Six others had convictions in cases that were later expunged or stricken or had arrests that were resolved without convictions by completing a diversion program. Another five who turned up in The Associated Press investigation with records of arrests or citations either won acquittals or their cases were dropped.

Read entire article here.

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  1. steve says:

    well this just makes me mad… since i have a record and it will haunt me forever and prevent me from getting 70 percent of jobs out there, but yet these people who have the same record can be hired by the government and also have affect on the laws that are made.. well maybe they should make a law that expunges my record…. i mean yeah it can be expunged but what are the chances? very slim…

  2. Anonymous says:

    What do you expect from this Corrupt state we live in? Law Enforcement, Government, and most business owners in this state are crooked people. However I am glad to see that most our representatives are drug dealers, or drug addicts from what this article claims (sarcastic). Usually when I apply for a job the Company usually does a abck ground check on me to determine my eligibility for the position, why were these people not checked before hand?

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