Attorney General Releases Info, Photos Regarding Jarett Smith’s Alleged Baby Buying Scheme

The following is a news release from the PA State Attorney General’s Office

Five arrested in plot to buy baby

HARRISBURG – Five suspects have been arrested and charged with participating in a plot to buy a baby and adopt the child out to family members.

Acting Attorney General Bill Ryan identified the defendants as Jarrett Smith, Donna Albright-Smith, Krista Eveland, Eileen Smith and Jerome Smith.

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Donna Albright-Smith

Jarrett Smith

Jerome Robert Smith

Eileen Smith

Krista Eveland

Ryan said that Albright-Smith and her ex-husband Jarrett Smith allegedly solicited Krista Eveland to sell them her unborn child so that Jarrett Smith’s brother and sister-in-law could adopt the baby.

According to the criminal complaint Jerome Smith and his wife Eileen Smith were hoping to adopt a child when they were approached by Donna Albright-Smith who told them she knew of a mother who wanted to put her child up for adoption.

The charges state that Jerome and Eileen Smith paid for Eveland’s pregnancy placing approximately $5,000-$6,000 into a trust fund to reimburse her for “necessary expenses.” The Smiths also allegedly gave Eveland cash at least once a week for gas and groceries, and also paid her rent, car insurance, car repairs and electric bills.

According to the criminal complaint, in addition to taking care of her expenses Jerome and Eileen Smith agreed to pay the Eveland a final cash payment of $4,000 to $6,000 after the adoption was finalized. The money was allegedly to be delivered following the adoption proceedings in a brown paper bag, so that nobody could be tied to the money.

Ryan said the baby was born on May 23, 2009 and released from the hospital to the custody of “adoptive” parents Eileen and Jerome Smith. A July 10, 2009 a hearing was then scheduled in Potter County Court of Common Pleas to finalize the termination of parental rights and finalize the adoption.

The charges state that prior to the hearing the presiding judge learned of a previous plot by Albright-Smith and Jarrett Smith to buy a different baby for $20,000. Following the revelations, the judge continued the adoption hearing and ordered the child to be returned to Eveland.

Ryan thanked the Pennsylvania State Police for their assistance with the investigation.

The case will be prosecuted in Potter County by Senior Deputy Attorney General Jonelle Eshbach of the Attorney General’s Criminal Prosecutions Section.

Below is a complete list of the defendants and the charges against them.

–Donna Albright-Smith, 38, 411 Dwight St., Coudersport, Potter County, is charged with two counts of criminal conspiracy, one count of dealing in infant children and one count of criminal solicitation.

–Jarrett Smith, 43, 414 Sunrise Ridge Road, Coudersport, Potter County, is charged with two counts of dealing in proceeds of unlawful activities, one count of dealing in infant children and one count of criminal conspiracy.

–Jerome Robert Smith, 47, 9000 W. 102nd St., Overland Park, Kansas, is charged with two counts of criminal conspiracy, one count of dealing in infant children and one count of criminal solicitation.

–Eileen Smith, 42, 9000 W. 102nd St., Overland Park, Kansas, is charged with two counts of criminal conspiracy, one count of dealing in infant children and one count of criminal solicitation.

–Krista Eveland, 24, 1 E. 3rd St., Apt. A, Coudersport, Potter County, is charged with two counts of criminal conspiracy, one count of dealing in infant children and one count of criminal solicitation.

(A person charged with a crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty.)

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  1. Phil says:

    Karma. I love you.

  2. jason says:

    pretty sad when Jarrett smith was a lawyer and should know the laws. sad world we live in

  3. Anonymous says:

    couldnt of happened to a better jerk er ah man..

  4. ToniTony says:

    Hope to see this updated and not swept under the rug.

  5. madashell says:

    He has always been a dirty lawyer and it has taken this long to catch up with him. I am sure he is still working and not in jail. I hope he gets what he deserves. Everything has it ways of woking out. He has never been anything but a pos. I hope he sleeps well at night with all this on his dirty mind. And why would the baby be returned to the mother? If she sold it before, what makes anyone think she now wants to be a mother? It might be a another story if she reported this, but that is not the case. What is wrong with this system? Or is it we just are not getting the whole story?

  6. ed says:


    well did the question ever arise that why did they pay 20,000 to adopt a baby when u can do it for free with many of children in this world that need adopted? well i happen to know personally that mr smith was *********** and im assuming thats why she had got the money for the adoption… so just so its know krista and jarret ********…. Fact….

    Editor’s Note: I’m doing my best to approve comments on this post, but I cannot allow such accusations without a full name behind them.

  7. Roger says:

    Well seems like selling babies is okay since they all get out with no bail. So selling people is okay but sell some pot and you sit and rot.

  8. Edward Mahoney says:

    hello, i am the one that said that about krista and jarret sleeping together… my name is Edward Mahoney and i live right here in Coudersport… i happen to know for a fact that they were sleeping together… as i would never say such a thing if it werent true.. it would be nice if it was known some of the real reasons as to was krista got the money for the adoption… no one else would give some like her that kind of oppurtunity… but here is my full name and like i said its a fact.. not an accusation. as a matter of fact there is some other people that she has been sleeping with that the community might want to know about. people that are supposed to be respected byt the community but i will not say who. i wjust want people to know the details within this story so it isnt made out as simple as just being paid for an adoption. thank you

  9. admin says:

    Thank you, Edward, for having the courage to speak your mind and stand behind your statements.

    I would like to encourage this, and hope to see more of it.

  10. Cody Ayers says:

    This post just shows how messed up this world is…

  11. s. caldwell says:

    hope he fries. nothing but a disrespectful and big pompous ass. maybe he should have been brought up better.

  12. anonymous says:

    well wouldn’t it be a hoot if it all turns out that the baby actually belongs to jarret. he is about as crooked as they come i know thier have been many complaints filed against mr’ smith but he just keeps getting probation or unfounded unfortanetly i have very litte trust in the justice system in potter county the lawyers there and the prvious judge hunted fished and drank together and if someone would go back and scrutinize judge leete’s rulings i am sure you would find some attorneys had an excellent win record in his court which happened to be his drinkin fishin buddies just sayin the whole justice system in potter county is about who knows who

  13. Anonymous says:

    I agree the system in potter county is who knows who . Some can do things and get off with a slap on the wrist but there are others that you would think they killed someone. I know for a fact that there has been people that have done the same things and there is some that get different treatment they should all be treated equal.They are all in kahoots in the potter county system. Pretty Sad.

  14. john says:

    I want to know why jerret is catchin all of the backlash , granted hes a punk and a gambler and a pill head. but there was another lawyer involved here his ex wife whos now with a pedophile whos on parole in a lower pa area , who then went to some foreign country when hes a felon and shes lost her lic. due to her crazy antics. The corruption here is unreal and im sure itll come out that all these people have drug problems aswell. So i guess jerret is an a@% but hey the others involved are to. its a shame that theres a child who may have had a chance to live with a good family , but instead shes still here in potter county and will always be known as the girl whos mom tried to sell her to a bunch of druggies

  15. Kristen says:

    I could NOT agree more with John’s comment! Every word of it! Especially what he said about that poor child!! Just imagine the instantaneous flood of devastation, betrayal & confusion that child (or adult, depending on when she learns the truth) will have to endure, when she learns the truth (which she WILL learn, one way or another) about what happened during her precious incubation period/infancy! Any & all self-worth, trust, family values, any sort of morals (if in fact someone ELSE teaches her some along the way) & so many other essential positive attributes, could very possibly be irreversibly broken, the minute she learns of these inconceivable series of events. I’m dumbfounded as to how & why she ever got that baby back. It literally churns my stomach. I can only pray that that little girl ends up in a safe, loving environment, FAR away from this mess & grows up with the life she truly deserves! She didn’t ask to be brought into this crazy world & as of now, it appears as though it will be filled with so much heartache. So so very sad.

  16. Anon. says:

    This is the best news I could have ever seen/read. These low life scumbags (which I know personally and wish I didn’t) are finally getting theirs back!! HOPEFULLY!!! They have screwed up so many people’s cases it’s unbelievable!! They are both pill poppers and psyco’s!!

  17. anon. says:

    I hope they don’t get away with this! Donna was my attorney and she ripped me off!!!! I paid her $1500—money that I didn’t even have and she didn’t do a darn thing for me! She never showed up to my hearings and I think the judge over in Clearfield took it out on me because of her not showing up! I wish there was a way I could get my money back and hire someone who will do their job and get my daughter back to me!

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