Austin Station 44 Had a Busy Day Yesterday


Yesterday at 07:54 Station 44 was toned out for a water rescue in the Austin Boro. It was reported heavy flooding with 4 people trapped in the house. After speaking to the home owner they decided to stay at the house for the time being. In the mean time personnel were receiving multiple calls of other flooding areas. At this time Chief 44-20 activated the EMA and had an emergency shelter opened up at the fire station.

Crews began going door to door in the boro advising residence of a voluntary evacuation. Moments later Station 44 had another water rescue in the boro bringing people back to the emergency shelter. Station 44 was then advised of multiple roads with heavy flooding and work with township supervisors to have roads shut down. Then around 12:15 Station 44 was toned out for a MVA reported semi into the guard rails on route 607. Personnel provided traffic control and shut down 607 while Portville Trucks cleared the vehicle from the scene. While on scene Station 44 was requested to respond to the methodist church for basement flooding. Station 44 would return to station around 18:30. No sooner did the members get a bite to eat and something to drink and they were once again toned out this time for a mutual aid land rescue in Cameron County. As of 21:52 units are returning to quarters.

Photos by Tracy Orlowski

We would like to thank everyone for their assistance with all the vents that took place today.

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