Belmont to Shell Out $3,500+ for Services Similar to CoudyNews’ FREE SMS Feature

Belmont considers ‘buggy’ software for emergency responders

BELMONT – The Wellsville Daily reported yesterday that county dispatchers are considering a new dispatching service. The service would send text messages to responders’ cell phones when a dispatch is toned-out.

Many of you are probably familiar with the FREE service that provides to readers, which allows anyone to sign up for breaking news text messages, which are sent to their cell phones. Our service delivers most local dispatches and breaking news headlines to users’ cell phones in seconds.

According to the Wellsville Daily article, Belmont is considering providing the same type of service to emergency responders, to the tune of $3,500, plus an additional $200 annual ‘maintenance fee’. The county is looking to J2 Software Solutions, LLC to code the software. The article also mentions that such software may have restrictions, such that guidelines may restrict how often cell phone numbers can be added or removed from the system, a restriction that has us baffled.

The article also quotes County Fire Coordinator Paul Gallmann as saying, “We’ll see how it goes. Like everything, I’m sure it’s going to have a bug or two in it.”

Will Belmont really shell out $3,500+ for ‘buggy’ software with senseless restrictions? Software that emergency responders will rely upon to respond to emergencies and crisis situations in a timely manner?

Read the article from the Wellsville Daily here.

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