'Bible Believing Christian's Response' to 'Out in the Silence' Tomorrow Evening



Special Guest: Diane Gramley, President of the Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Family Asociation, who was portrayed as the Villain in the movie.

Where: Coudersport Public Library
Date: August 25, 2010 at 6:30 PM
Admission: FREE

Robert Wagner
Presenter and Moderator
195 North Hollow Road
Coudersport, PA 16915

*I recommend watching the movie online prior to attending.

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  1. Thom says:

    Is Pastor Tremblay going to be there to talk about his sexual experiences with a man as a teenager that he posted on his blog and then deleted?

  2. Thom says:

    BTW, if you want to watch the movie, you can find it here

  3. Erin McKeone says:

    Wow, Thom. I think that comment is about the lowest of the low! If your son was molested by a man, would you say they “had sexual experiences” with the perpetrator? Pastor Pete asked politely that this movie not be shown at the library and he’s accused of being hateful. Your comment sounds a lot more like hatred to me.

  4. Thom says:


    Many of the characters in the movie knew their sexuality prior to adulthood and talked about being ridiculed by other kids (or keeping it a secret becasue of that).

    The movie is about awareness of how hurtful it can be for them, and about how it is unfair that nobody stepped in and Pastor Tremblay objected to the screening of the movie with a message that is difficult to disagree with.

    By objecting to the screening of this movie Mr. Tremblay has sort of left his homosexual experiences as a teenager up for debate and ridicule.

    He has gone on record as saying he was a teenager during these events, but he has not disclosed what his age was. Was he 13? 15? 17? It matters, in some states in the US the age of consent is 16. In some countries the age is 12 and 13.

    Pastor Tremblay uses the bible to claim homosexuality is wrong, but fails to realize in biblical times he was likely of consenting age.

  5. Erin McKeone says:

    So you’re saying that if a person is victimized after the legal age of consent, that he or she is automatically a willing participant? Or do your comments only apply to someone you disagree with? I will no longer argue with you, because I think your mind is made up. I would like you to know that Jesus loves you. He died to save you. I hope someday you accept His gift.

  6. Thom says:


    I do not have all of the details and probably neither do you. He (Pastor Tremblay) quoted the other person as describing him as an obvious homosexual though. He is welcome to elaborate.

    We are all good people here. Nobody is going to be mad at him for coming out of the closet.

  7. Thom says:

    The bible is against homosexuality, we get it.

    The bible is against many other things as well: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHaVUjjH3EI

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