Black Bear said to be World Record as Controversy over Kill Surmounts

Largest bear ever recorded in PA history

Game Commission officials are now saying that the black bear killed in the Poconos on Monday may be a world record.

The bear weighed in with a live weight of 879 pounds and a field-dressed weight of 744 pounds.

Game Commission officials confirmed that David Price of Barrett Township killed the 17-year-old bear.

While Price and fellow sportsmen may be celebrating this massive record-breaking kill, others are not so happy.

The bear is rumored to have been hand-fed, tame, and even gone by the name “bozo”. Some locals have reported that the group of hunters responsible for killing the bear knew it was tame and were lying in ambush for the easy kill.

But, an easy kill it was not. It reportedly took 3 hunters a total of 9 shots to bring the bear down.

Despite the controversy over the kill, the PA Game Commission has said that Price did nothing wrong. In fact, the man responsible for feeding the bear and possibly ultimately leading to the bear’s demise, was cited last month for feeding the bear.

The bear was killed using crossbows, a factor that is only adding fuel to the controversy as some argue that such hunting is cruel.

Whether or not the bear is indeed a world record holder is yet to be determined. Officials say a skull measurement will be the true test and we’ll need to wait 60 days for that.

NOTE: This story has been updated:

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  1. Bill Fazio says:

    Don’t consider that fair chase there are probley a dozen people out there that thought about killing that bear but didn’t. I think it would be like shooting someones pet. Wow a real group of sportsman there all 3 of them. I thank you other people out there who thought about killig bozo but didn’t come on guys why don’t u go and hunt bear like everybody else does. You guys should be ashamed!

  2. dakota caskey says:

    you should shutup because he shot it fair and square. if you would of shot it then you would not want eney body else to complain. so take my edvice and just shutup!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    If they’d had doughnuts in their hands, they could’ve fed him to death when he walked right up to him.

    I blame everyone for this one. The guy who fed it and raised it. The PGC for not trapping and transferring it to, IDK, Canada, and for those greedy bastages that took advantage of a bear with few to no primal survival instincts.

    Dakota, I’ll take you more seriously when your arguments surpass “shutup” and when you learn to spell the word “any.” Take my ADvice; buy a dictionary.

  4. tyler davies says:

    um well all i hvae to say is dakota learn how to spell the word any and im glad he shot that damn thing it was dangerious. i love animals but i was so scared of that bear

  5. Anonymous says:

    Fish&Game would have killed it,not relocated a tame bear.Once they loose the fear of people they are considered dangerous weather they are or not.Still,its a dirty trick.

  6. Hunter Trapper Trader says:

    As a hunter and trapper,I can understand why they shot this bear.Personaly I wouldn’t be proud of it as a “trophy” though.Size alone dosn’t make it a trophy in my book.I love to hunt,but it’s all about the chase to me.Some of my best trophys are small,they are trophys because of the way they were taken,and the difficulty involed.Still, a very large animal is tempting.And I’m sure they justified it by saying “bears are unpredictable and sooner or later it’s going to hurt some kid anyway.”Maybe,Maybe not it, realy dosn’t matter.The person to blame is realy the guy that fed this bear and put it in harms way.I realize he thought he was helping the bear, but in the long run this was bound to happen sooner or later.Even in Yellowstone Park where bears are protected,the park rangers will shoot bears that won’t stay out of the campground or are thought to be dangerous for any reason.Usualy because they have been fed and are no longer afaid of people.It’s not fair to the bear to be “set up “this way. One way to look at it is he had 17 good years of life,It’s too bad it ended this way.

  7. keith royer says:

    only a sadistic scumbag like yourself would be proud of killing such a beautiful animal after lying in wait for it like the coward you are. I can only hope someday u will be minding your own business and someone will be lying in wait for you, ******. you should hang your head in shame-murderer.

  8. Austin says:

    i live in the poconos where this bear was killed and believe me it was no easy hunt, these men pushed through some of the thickest terrain that those mountains have to offer, and on top of that they chased this bear for nearly a mile in the woods. so please, unless you live this lifestyle, dont fall for the whole beautiful animal thing,because if it wasnt hand fed, it would have probabaly died in a previous year from other hunters.

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