Breaking: Armed Student Holding Hostages at Wisconsin High School

UPDATED: Hostages have been released safely, 15-year-old gunman shot himself

BREAKING NEWS: An armed student is reported to be holding hostages in a Marinette County, Wisconsin high school classroom.

Little information is known at this time, and there have yet to be any reports of shots fired or otherwise.

What is known is that sometime after 3:00 pm today a school Administrator contacted authorities and notified them of the armed student and hostage situation.

Reports indicate that parents were directed to respond to the county courthouse for information on their children.

UPDATE: Officials are reporting that 23 students and a teacher, who were being held captive by another student with a handgun, have been released safely.

No information yet on the gun wielding student.

UPDATE: Officials say the 15-year-old boy responsible for holding 23 students and teacher captive at gunpoint, shot himself as police stormed the classroom. He was transported to a local hospital but his condition remains unknown at this time.

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