BREAKING: Cop Shoots and Kills Man Following High Speed Chase

KNOXVILLE – A Knoxville man was shot dead by an unidentified Elkland Borough police officer following a high speed pursuit along Route 49 early this morning.

State Police in Mansfield say 28-year-old Brian David Elwood fled from police after an Elkland Borough police officer attempted to stop him. Elwood then led the officer on a high speed chase along Route 49, eventually continuing onto Cummings Creek Road, Buckbee Road, Croft Hill Road, Bailey Hill Road, and back onto Route 49 before Gee Hollow and Shepherd Creek Road. The chase entered into Nelson, Farmington and Lawrence Townships.

Police say Elwood lost control of his 2002 Saturn SL on Shepherd Creek Road and came to a stop. When confronted by the pursuing Elkland Borough police officer, Elwood allegedly rammed the front of the officer’s patrol car. The police officer then exited his SUV and ordered Elwood from his vehicle, at which point police say Elwood refused to comply and drove his car towards the officer, causing the officer to discharge his service pistol, fatally wounding Elwood.

Police say an investigation into the matter continues, and no further information will be released at this time.

PSP were assisted at the scene by the Tioga County District Attorney’s Office, Lawrenceville Fire Department and Nelson Fire Department.

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  1. speeding is now considered eligible for the death penalty, and beat cops are judge , jury , and executioner. say goodbye to the land of the free and home of the brave, welcome to your land of fear and stay home and shut the fuck up.

    • mappa says:

      People think death penalty only for murder but Federal law says they can execute you for growing pot.

    • Guest says:

      From reading this bit of news he was not executed for speeding he was attempting to run down a police officer with his car. What was he supposed to do? Allow himself to be run over or smack him with a rolled up newspaper? While my heart goes out to this guys family and I’m sure there will be more to this story keep in mind what you would want that officer to do if someone was trying to run down one of your family members with thier vehicles. Normal/sane/sober law abiding people just don’t do that?

  2. Katz4 says:

    I dont see any probable cause in this report to kill him….does anyone else???? I agree with first poster!

    • i am very close friends with the family, and although what brian did was wrong, the family is still mourning the loss of him today. he had 2 children and a niece.

    • Guest says:

      My heart goes out to his family and to his children.

    • guest says:

      My heart goes out to Brian’s family.This is the second family memeber of this family to die as a result of altercation with EPD.

    • Chiefkpd says:

      Because both family members tried to kill the police officers that were out there doing their jobs protecting the lives and properties of law abiding citizens. Break the law try to kill cops, suffer the consequences. Prayers go out to both sides involved as I personally know family from both sides of both incidents.

    • Sourceress says:

      why would you think that it is okay to take the life of any person when your officer was in no immediate danger…the car was stuck in a ditch….you are not protecting people you are being judge jury and executioner of a young person…

    • I see probably cause here Katz4. The driver was ordered to get out of the vehicle and did not do that. Instead he chose to try to run the officer down. I think the officer was justifiable with what he did.

    • Lindacox says:

      I couldn’t agree more, flat tires should have slowed him down. I don’t think he needed to die. I hope there was a really good reason for that high speed chase. Shoulda wrote down the license no. and sent him a summons or something. How many times do high speed chases really turn out well, and how many people have to die? Prayers to his family and friends.

    • Jh10262003 says:

      but what if he didn’t slow down and ran over one of your loved ones before he ever got the summons and my heart def. goes out to his family because of our choices in life it def. affects the people we love or loves us why don’t we make dif. choices so things like this wouldn’t have to happen .

    • Slow runner says:

      Can you out run a car with flat tires? He made a choice, not to stop and to try and run over a cop with his car. It is a bad situation but if I had a gun and was about to be run over and possibly killed there would be a lot of holes in that car/driver. It is a shame that such a young man lost his life but what if he killed the officer? When his life is in danger that is all the probable cause anyone should need to defend themselves.

    • Guest says:

      Can you people please stop the stupidity? Who was wrong in this case? The perp, period. The officer was justified. It is people like all of you that second guess who make it easy for people to avoid taking responsibility for their actions.

    • sister of the deceased says:

      i;m sorry but if you ram a car and have damage to the front of your car how do you get shot from behind.

    • Emt16920 says:

      if they would have let him go, and he ran into your family, killing your relatives, you would have bitched because the cops weren’t doing there jobs!!!!!!

    • Jh10262003 says:

      I don’t see any probable cause to try to run down an officer either

    • Jackie Schweigart says:

      I agree totally!
      It was wrong 4 the young fella 2 be in a high speed chase with the Police 2 begin with! Others could have been killed in the process, but they weren’t. Thank God 4 that! It was a terrible thing he did 2 attempt 2 run the officer over with his vehicle. But really, did it have 2 come 2 this? The officer could have shot his tires out, or he could have Run Like Hell, 2 get out of the way! Had it been me, Yes I would have Chickened Out & ran like there was No Tomorrow!!!
      Condolences go out 2 his Family!

  3. anonymous says:

    It is also a “breaking” news story so all of the details are not there for you to read yet.

  4. Skirchhoff001 says:

    No probable cause? How about when an officer tells you to do something and you respond by driving your car towards them? No one is going to know all that was going on but when an officer yells you to do something you better comply, otherwise you take a risk of them feeling threatened and then they have all the probable cause they need.

  5. JimmyCrackCorn says:

    Why would the cop get out of his car if the guy is ramming into him?

  6. Guest says:

    I’m glad the cop is okay, but, if the story was reported correctly, the cop risked a lot of lives in that chase. If he had the plate number, he should have backed off. A lot more people could have been killed. Most departments prohibit high-speed chases for that reason.

    • Wengrah2 says:

      Guess what? The guy driving in the car was apparently having a problem following all kinds of rules….I am so sick of the criminals crying out like they are the victims yeah we have rights but so many people are abusing them. The policeman is there to serve and protect, and he deserves respect! Not just this one all of them.

    • Robin Mesler says:

      did this have to come down to this>>> i lost a boy in harrison valley that didn’t have to come down to this!!!

    • The officer probably had a reason for the high-speed chase.

    • David says:

      Your a bitch put yourself in my shoes

  7. Clint649 says:

    Your vehicle is concidered a deadly weapon….officer got out of his vehicle for ready a foot pursuit…when the driver started his vehicle towards the officer…that is automatic grounds for lethal force

    • JimmyCrackCorn says:

      Maybe he thought someone pointing a gun at him was “grounds” to try and run them over.

    • Mmmdh3 says:

      not when it is a police officer. i would love to see you try to do their job.

  8. Guest says:

    In defense of the officer, it doesn’t sound like he had much choice, but to shoot at that point. Sad all around.

  9. Jackie Schweigart says:

    Right, we don’t know the whole Story yet. I have 2 Wonder why the Police Officer didn’t shoot his tires out or fire. Shot into the Radiator??? Some people are trigger happy ~ Power & Control go 2 their head! I’m sure the Police got a License Plate No# so they should have backed off. Luckily No One else was hurt!

    • Guest says:

      Police officers are trained to shoot to kill. They can’t take chances like that. It’s too risky for them and for the public. I question whether the officer should have pursued the vehicle, but it sounds like he had no choice in the shooting once the guy tried to run him down. Of course, we still have to wait for the investigation to be sure the details are correct.

    • Mmmdh3 says:

      Backing off would not have stopped him from driving like crazy. He could have hit another person and killed them. Dont be so quick to judge when you have no police training or any knowledge of criminal minds.

    • Sourceress says:

      I do have police training….and I still see no reason for this….at all..he was unarmed…and stuck….

    • guest says:

      and u were there?????

    • Davidelwood says:

      Ya but the one that was hurt was my brother every close you’d mouth there is no justifican for my big brother to not be here and you can’t tell me there is

    • Guest says:

      I am very, very sorry for your loss. Please try not to read all this stuff. Just be with your family.

    • people are going to talk because its what they do. don’t listen to this stuff, i can get it from here. you stay strong and hold onto baby, your mom, and brian’s… you know who loves you girl!

    • Mmmdh3 says:

      your brother should have thought about his family before he threatened the lives of everyone else family driving/walking near the roads. The justification is to protect society from him killing someone else.

    • guest says:


  10. Blueyes says:

    Is there more to this story. Just doesn’t seem like a good reason to shot him. Would like to hear more about it. Even if he is in the wrong, could just wounded him,right?

  11. no freedom says:

    wow the people that are supposed to protect and serve are now just doing whatever they want to cause they have a badge sorry but town cops are crocked anyways they don’t do their job the way its supposed to be done now look a man lost his life over really nothing the cop could has shot his tires or somethin likethat not the person but oh well cops are always right Haha bullshit

    • Mmmdh3 says:

      Explain how you can shoot tires when the vehicle is coming at you, first of all. Second, ALL officers, whether they be local, federal, state, or whatever are not trained to injure, they are trained to use fatal force. Why? Because time and time again officers have been killed because they hesitated and did not take advantage of a kill shot when they had the chance, Anyone that charges anyone with a vehicle deserves to be stopped with lethal force. You cant fix stupid.

    • David says:

      Ya that means you can’t be fixed sorry

    • guest says:

      your an idiot. He cant hit tires cause the car is coming at him but he can make a fatal shot through a windshield. You must be a pig too

    • Kwakky77 says:

      Tires are not really visible depending on the officers releationship to the vehicle. The fact of the matter is that this man tried to murder this police officer. The officer defended himself and removed the threat. It isn’t like the perp had to die. THe officer wounded him and as the result of the wounding he died. The officer could have shot him in the arm and it is possible he could have died from it. Where should the officer have shot him in an effort to wound him?

    • Oh2slow says:

      Well tell them how it is to be done. Show them officers how they should do that job. You are the , so show them how to do it! Go to the police academy and do it. The bottom line is you would not have enough sack to handle it. All people do is run their mouth not knowing what is involved so get it done. Go, apply and if you can be one.

  12. Guitarplayer2571 says:

    Drunk,sober, sane,insane? Some tries to run me over with a car and i got a gun i’m shooting! Very sad that someone had to lose a life over this though!

  13. Carpner_01 says:

    Since it was an Elkland pig, im sure he just left the beam house bar after a long night of drinking. I see it pretty much every weekend

    • Asmith says:

      Wondering if it IS the EPD officer that is at the beamhouse every weekend? Do you know? If it IS that might enter into this when the Pa attorney general investigates.

    • Carpner_01 says:

      Used to see it. Luckily got away from that mess

    • Mmmdh3 says:

      That “pig” might save your life one day. What have you ever done to help society? My bet is absolutely nothing. It must suck living as such a worthless and ungrateful person.

    • Carpner_01 says:

      Save my life? Is that what they did for this young man?

    • Mmmdh3 says:

      this young man was trying to kill him…

    • Kwakky77 says:

      You mean the assailant who tried to commit vehicular homicide? That young man…

    • Emt16920 says:

      NO!!!! but they might have saved other people!!!

  14. Mmmdh3 says:

    The person tried to RUN THE OFFICER OVER! If he had not shot the man the man would have hit and killed him. The kid was just plain stupid. The officer had to save his own life by stopping the deceased from running him over. All of you bashing the officer should be ashamed of yourselves. How would you feel if Elwood had crashed into a vehicle full of children killing them after the officer just backed off and let him go? Elwood endangered everyone and that is why he needed to be stopped. The officer saved his own life. He is a HERO. Everyone who disagrees needs to move to a country where there are no police officers to protect your sorry asses.

    • mappa says:

      Didn’t say he tried to run him ovr, says he drove at him and talk about family what if dude had kids in the car or a passenger and thy got shot?

    • Mmmdh3 says:

      so if a car is “driving at you” after it rammed the car you were in you wont think they are trying to hit you?

    • Carpner_01 says:

      So what your saying is if he would have killed the cop it would be a tragedy but since the cop killed him, the cop is a hero. Makes sense to me…

    • Kwakky77 says:

      He broke the law and was in the process of breaking more laws. Justified shooting. Should have been raised better.

    • guest says:

      Your comments are more arrogant than Mmmdh3’s, & chiefkpd’s…Not only are you dragging the deceased through the mud, you are now attacking his parent (s).

    • Oh2Slow says:

      What it does mean is it is sad. If the cop had not shot and been killed you would have said “well he was a dumb ass, why did he not shot him? He had a gun to protect himslef, why did he not use it?

  15. Could be the guy was on those bath salts or something and that caused him to do the things that he done. Maybe the officer did it to save his own life from this guy. Hopefully they will give us the reason and why the cop discharged his gun. Not all officers are corrupt though. Think about it.

  16. Jspetrencsik says:

    How about aggravated assault on a Police Officer By ramming the Patrol Car (intentionally) how about attempted Murder when the Officer was trying to remove him from his vehicle and he chose to try and run down the Officer. Best of all How about waiting for the investigation to be concluded, before all the judgements posted here. I have known many, many Police Officers from this area and I do not know of any that ever wanted to take someone’s life.

    • Oh2slow says:

      I agree that no officer, ever, straps on that badge and that gun and say “man I think I am going to shot someone today”. It is one heavy burden that they may have to, not want to, do it to protect themself or others………….wonder how many others go to work with that burden?

  17. Realist says:

    If someone was moving at me with 25,000pds of steel.. I’d shoot him. Elwood was an adult, if he had acted like an adult he would likely still be here. It’s very unfortunate and I feel for the family however, the reason he was in this position in the first place speaks to his character.

  18. Mmmdh3 says:

    This page should be ashamed for allowing cop bashing to occur on their site…

  19. Mmmdh3 says:

    Wasn’t exactly a model citizen…

    All of Elwood’s previous charges:

    Docket Number Court Office Short Caption Filing Date County Case Status Primary Participant(s) Date of Birth

    MJ-04301-TR-0000547-2012 MDJ-04-3-01 Comm. v. Elwood, Brian D. 07/24/2012 Tioga Active
    Elwood, Brian D.

    MJ-04301-CR-0000110-2011 MDJ-04-3-01 Comm. v. Elwood, Brian David 08/07/2011 Tioga Closed
    Elwood, Brian David

    MJ-04301-TR-0000702-2009 MDJ-04-3-01 Comm. v. Elwood, Brian D 09/23/2009 Tioga Closed
    Elwood, Brian D

    MJ-04301-TR-0000703-2009 MDJ-04-3-01 Comm. v. Elwood, Brian D 09/23/2009 Tioga Closed
    Elwood, Brian D

    MJ-04301-CR-0000116-2009 MDJ-04-3-01 Comm. v. Elwood, Brian D 08/19/2009 Tioga Closed
    Elwood, Brian D

    MJ-04301-NT-0000322-2009 MDJ-04-3-01 Comm. v. Elwood, Brian D 08/18/2009 Tioga Closed
    Elwood, Brian D

    MJ-04301-TR-0000600-2009 MDJ-04-3-01 Comm. v. Elwood, Brian D 08/18/2009 Tioga Closed
    Elwood, Brian D

    MJ-04301-TR-0000597-2009 MDJ-04-3-01 Comm. v. Elwood, Brian D 08/17/2009 Tioga Closed
    Elwood, Brian D

    MJ-04301-CR-0000009-2007 MDJ-04-3-01 Comm. v. Elwood, Brian David 01/17/2007 Tioga Closed
    Elwood, Brian David

    MJ-04301-CR-0000202-2006 MDJ-04-3-01 Comm. v. Elwood, Brian David 10/27/2006 Tioga Closed
    Elwood, Brian David
    First Previous 1 2 Next Las

    • Mmmdh3 says:

      Speeding, Trespassing, Resisting Arrest, Failure to Stop when Signaled, Theft by Deception, Theft by Unlawful Taking, Receiving Stolen Property, Forgery, Damaging Property with a Motor Vehicle, Terroristic Threats, Aggravated Assault, Harassment, Driving with Suspended License, Simple Assault, Criminal Mischief/ Damaging Property, Trespassing, Theft by Impersonation, Vehicle Theft.

      Most are multiple counts. Speaks for itself…

    • guest says:

      Talk about being an idiot, that would be you!!!

    • Oh2Slow says:

      guest……….. I am not sure who you are replying to. Did you look in the mirror and answer that?

    • guest says:

      No if you would actually read under my comment it will tell you who I am replyiing to.

    • Martydew says:

      You Didn’t have the right to post all this on here like you did it’s wrong of you to put A man down thats not here, where was the back up the officer wasn’t to get out of his car, why was the officers car in front of the person in where he should of been behind the other car or put his car at a point where the other driver couldn’t move from the other post I have seen this guy was stuck in a ditch so I really don’t under stand how you all can Judge this man, there are so many that will jump to the underlining truth before knowing everything… How would you all feel if this was you son, brother, cousin or father and see all this NASTY post have some RESPECT for the one who passed, you were not there until the whole truth comes out and there are 2 that knows one is gone and the other is EPD…Mmmdh3 Shame on you as i see it there is only one JUDGE and that is God not you… So what if this guy had a record does that give you the right or should I say power to post this???? I know alot that have a record does that give some one the right to take another life?? get the facts before you talk crap and as I see it I am an outsider I don’t know this guy nor do I know the officer and you posting his record doesn’t mean anything…

    • Kwakky77 says:

      It is public record.

    • guest says:

      That’s right and if the “PUBLIC” wanted to read about his police record they would have searched it themselves. And he said that this pape should be ashamed for allowing cop bashing, he was no better with all that he posted against the deseased.I am not anti~cop by any means, in fact I’m friends with many. I have been and always will be respectful to the ones that deserve the respect, and if I’m in the wrong I admit to it, but not all the cops deserve it just because the have the badge. When they are out there breaking the law just as Brian or others not like themselves they don’t deserve any. As far as this particular officer is concerned I know of him just not a lot about him so I will refrain on passing any judgement on him or his actions.

    • Sourceress says:

      you should not be a cop I can tell you that…

    • so because he wasn’t a “model citizen” he deserved to die? truth is, none of us were there, and we don’t know the cold hard facts as to exacly what happened, except that one life was lost. whether he was a model citizen or not, what happened was still a TRAGEDY. people today are mourning the loss of a son, a brother, a father, a friend, an uncle… and they really they don’t need his record posted for everyone to see..

    • Rimron says:

      Shame on you for posting that. They wont release the officers name but you can post all Elwoods prior bad acts which wouldnt even be admissable if he’d lived to face more charges.

    • Guest123 says:

      What is wrong with Mmmdh3 posting what is a matter of public record? All these prior charges are considered when the officer is attempting to make a stop and may have played a part in the results that played out early Sunday monring. The officer’s name will be released during the investigation and his record and personal charachter will be brought into question, in fact it already has like earlier posted seem to think that they know who it is and know this officer spends time in the local bar. The valley is a small place and there really aren’t a lot of officer’s that it could be in Elkland so it will be out before the investigation is concluded.

    • Oh2Slow says:

      Yes you are a great investigator. You are so very sad……….you have so many details mixed up………….So who is it you great awesomeone who runs you mouth reckless?

  20. no freedom says:

    Yes what the man was wrong he should have stopped and got out of the car but at the same
    time the officer could have let out a warning shot or could have shot the tires but what would u do if someone pulled a gun out on you there is no right or wrong side in this story a man was killed everyone has their own beliefs so leave it at that don’t sit there and bash on a person that is no longer here to defend himself the only person left is the cop and he isn’t a mind reader to say what was going threw elwoods mind at the time all people make mistakes no one person is perfect

    • no freedom says:


    • Kwakky77 says:

      There is to a right and wrong to this. Excuse makers like you are why our society is degrading so quickly. The Officer is an appointed official. When you break the law they are right to pull you over, after a chase you’ll be face down on the ground because you are under arrest. Elwood was wrong period. Period.

    • Oh2Slow says:

      There are no “warning shots” they are prohibited by the law enforement. Would you like that round to come down on you or your family and kill them finding out later that the “officer left out a warning shot into the air and we are sorry for you loses but we had to protect a criminal’s writes and killed one of your family members”

    • Kwakky77 says:

      Gee. I am many people I know have been pulled over for different driving offenses. Funny that none of use have ever been beaten or shot by police. That may be because we have respect for authority and obey them. That guy shouldn’t have been beaten and the police were wrong, but he should have pulled over. Just as Elwood should have pulled over. Had he just pulled over he would be alive. He brought on his own death.

    • Kwakky77 says:

      and not am*

    • Bill H says:

      Well obviously you don’t know Mr. Leone then.

  21. Amymags91 says:

    so sorry that someone had to die but the officer was doing his job. people complain that they aren’t dont there job and now people are complaining cause they did there job. so those who are bitching about the officer doing his job need to shut the hell up. my heart goes to both the family and the officer. the officer has to live with his choice. what was the officer to do let himself be killed by the car. like i said i heart goes out to everyone that it has affected.

  22. Bobbinrobbin says:

    It didn’t have to end like this. The cop should have never exited his vehicle without backup, especially since the driver was aggressively using his vehicle as a weapon. There are people here saying you should never bash cops, but that is ridiculous. Cops are people. Just because a person is given a particular duty does not mean they should be exempt from scrutiny. There are bad Doctors, lawyers, Judges, teachers and yes, even cops.

    • Oh2Slow says:

      Bobbin robbin why do you not become a perfect officer? Go…….. do that job and become what all officers should become…

  23. Dhilfiger1 says:

    For those of you that can’t grasp what a police officer does then uyou musent chastise him. You were there. The criminal ran and then tried to run over an officer whom defended himself the same way any officer or persons would. For those of you who are chastising lets say the roll was reversed lets say he did run him over then all of you would be say omg I hope he goes to prison for the rest of his life which is the whole reason he ran to begin with he chose to make his own decision when he pointed a 2000 pound vehicle at a police officer and put his foot on the gas peddle he chose his fate I feel bad for the families on both sides for both have to live with this.

  24. 1574 says:

    For those of you who are uninformed about the law, a license plate number is not proof of who was driving the vehicle. It used to be called Prima Facie proof that the driver was the operator, but that term no longer exists in the Vehicle Code. The officer would have to be able to identify the driver and I’m sure that the first time the officer saw the driver’s face was when he was trying to run him down.This officer’s job is to apprehend the violator. That’s what he is taught. If you don’t like pursuits, and I agree they are dangerous, then petition your legislator to outlaw them. But, remember, every drunk driver, every DUI suspended driver, every driver without a license has a free ticket to run. Meanwhile the honest people who are caught for some minor infraction will dutifully stop and pay the fine. Sounds fair to me.

  25. Andoverdale says:

    Piss poor excuse to shoot someone his car was probley disabled in the first place??? And how come the cop couldn’t get out of the way and radio for help?? Instead of being trigger happy.. these cops now days are joke! give them a badge and a gun and they get a big head.. This cop should be ashammed of him self and also damm lucky its not my family or he would need a casket himself!

    • D Nilesjr says:

      I believe there are police academies all over the state that are taking applications for cadets if you can do a better job apply and become a BETTER cop. That way when someone tries running your butt over you can stand there and take it or when a suicidal gun man is threatening to shoot himself or others especially the cops because they all are so hated you can be the first one running through the door. Come on people rule number one if you try to kill a cop they WILL react and they do carry guns. They have families they want to go home to and for people to expect them to just take it because its their jobs is ridiculous. Its a job….. If you worked at McDonalds would you die to make someone a big mac I dont believe so. So why should a cop die to do his job? When any of us (yup you guessed it I am a cop) go on duty we say to ourselves I will go home tonight. For all of you remember that if you try to kill us the same out come will happen. For the family of the victim I am sorry this had to happen and My prayers go out for your family may you find peace in all this it is truly a tragedy. To the Officer that was forced to make this horrible decision My prayers go out to you and the numerous sleepless nights you are about to face I would have made the same decision and would have hated it also!!

    • Kdvfcgirl says:

      Well said

    • Carpner_01 says:

      So Mr. Dale Niles, I need to ask you something in all seriousness. If this cop would have missed, and the guy ended up running him over and killing him, would it be ok for him to use the defense “well he was trying to kill me so I killed him first”? If not, why? Because he dont wear a badge?

    • Concerned says:

      You are really making no sense…that is the DUMBEST question I have ever heard! Apparently the officer’s life was on the line or he would not have acted in the fashion he did. If he had run over the officer he would have been punished. The officer was trained….he was not!

    • Carpner_01 says:

      Answer the question. Why is it different?

    • Roy Hunt says:

      Its different because the officer was acting within the law and as he was trained…the other was in the process of trying to kill him while committing other crimes. Are you really so ignorant you can’t see that?

    • Carpner_01 says:

      I guess all I can do is remember, the next time someone is driving in my direction I can kill them and look like a hero…

    • Oh2Slow says:

      I think you know that answer. If he never tried to run over him in the first place the officer would not have had to shot him in self defense. My guess is he should have stopped the first time when he seen the “red lights and heard the siren”. Not sure but that might have been a clue.

    • guest says:

      Nevermind, I the Robert Leone story and was reminded. In the words of your buddies “You aint messin with some chumps mother fucker! We are the Pennsylvania fucking police”. Its all cleared up now. thanks…

    • guest says:

      computer is screwed. Should say “I just watched the Robert Leone story”

    • Oh2Slow says:

      He was not dealing with the PSP, he was dealing with Elkland PD. Maybe you are not usre of the difference but the law is the law so I can see how you might be confused.

    • Bill H says:

      That statement makes no sense. You separate PSP from Elkland PD but then go on and say they are the same, “the law is the law”. And btw, I was a Philly cop for 12 years. Thank you. And please stop saying the man was trying to run the cop over as if it’s fact, b/c there is no evidence to support that other than the cop’s testimony.

    • Oh2Slow says:

      I guess that will be determinded by the investigation and not a bunch of blogs with opinions. I would imagine that the investigation has plenty of evidence to support the findings. Since you state that you were a Philly cop for 12 years then maybe you could understand that.

    • guest says:

      And everyone’s opinion but your is wrong. What an ass!

  26. Bill H says:

    There is some very twisted logic on both sides of the argument here. The fact is, no one knows what really happened. Just because someone is a cop doesn’t mean they are judge, jury and executioner. Time will tell, and I’m sure we will learn more about what happened. Hopefully the car this cop was driving had a camera.

  27. guest says:

    Just sick of the violence and anger that is showed toward citizens I guess. I know there are some good cops but lately they surely dont look real good. God rest your soul Brian

  28. Sourceress says:

    I do not see any reason why the officer felt he was with in his rights to use deadly force when the officer was not in any immediate danger…the car was stuck in a ditch and the young man in question was shot in the back of the head…hummm…you do the math…some thing is very wrong here.

  29. Devil_gurl_4_u_2003 says:

    For some information the person who stated that this is the second in the family yes it is for the person who claims he know the fam personally i highly dought it you would know the first happened twelve years ago please dont bring up a past you know nothing about he was a passenger in that van epd passed over on to ny state lines and he was just a man who trusted his best friend and the man driving did the time the second is still under investigation so and please adults need i remind you believe only half of what you hear and none that you read online until the investigation is comlete till then you know nothing.

    • guest says:

      I was not dissing either boys(Brian or Artie) or the family and I have no doubt that the other person knows of that situation 12 yrs. ago.

    • Devil_gurl_4_u_2003 says:

      I never said u dissed anyone i only said that if people new the fam they would know the frist did not try to shoot the cop he in that case was a man in the wrong place at the wrong time and this one is still under investigation and until all the information is disclosed to the family this and any comments should not have been posted it is an ongoing investigation nothing should have been released until the investigation was complete and the family was notified of the out come cause as it is this is open case and the info in that “news” letter could be bogus until all the facts are there no one know the story right now it is a cop or cops against a dead mans story who the hell you think there going to believe if they are posting before the investigation is complete

    • guest says:

      I also did not mean to imply that you thought I was dissing the boys, I just wanted you to know that I wasn’t. I do/did know that Artie was a passenger in the van that night and appolgize if I upset any of the family, with my comment, it was not my intention what so ever.

  30. Mike99 says:

    Good another POS off the streets. We’re all safer now.

  31. coudynews says:

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