BREAKING: Escaped Inmate Andrew Jeffers has been Captured

Escaped Inmate Andrew Jeffers escorted into Coudersport Borough Police Department by Sweden Township Chief of Police Bryan Phelps

COUDERSPORT – Escaped inmate Andrew Jeffers has been captured.

Just moments ago Jeffers was escorted into the Coudersport Borough Police Department by Coudersport Borough Chief of Police Lee Gross and Sweden Township Chief of Police Bryan Phelps.

Jeffers was captured a short time ago after a foot pursuit, according to a CoudyNews reporter at the scene.

A manhunt for Jeffers began shortly after he escaped from the Potter County Jail yesterday afternoon.

Police quickly began a search near the Coudersport Consistory where Jeffers was spotted running into the woods wearing a yellow jail uniform. The search later went cold, after his trail was lost near North Coudersport (Rubbertown). The search continued this morning near an area of Empson Road in Ulysses Township after it was reported Jeffers had been spotted in a wooded area near that location.

Helicopters were brought in to assist with the search this morning, at which point police say they boxed Jeffers in. He was apprehended following a brief foot pursuit shortly afterward.

Jail officials will not comment on how Jeffers escaped, but anonymous sources tell CoudyNews he was working as a kitchen trustee when he ran through an open door. The incident has raised many questions in the community, as it is unclear whether or not Jeffers, who appears not to be sentenced, was eligible for such an assignment.

Lead investigator in the manhunt for Jeffers, Chief of Police Lee Gross, issued the following press release:

Through an extensive effort by the Pennsylvania State Police, Sweden Township Police, Coudersport Borough Police, Potter County Probation, Potter County Sheriff’s Department and Potter County EMA, the subject, Andrew Schuyler Jeffers, was brought into custody this morning at 10:40 a.m.

Jeffers, who was jailed on multiple counts of theft, has now been charged with third-degree felony Escape. If convicted, he faces a maximum of 3 1/2 to 7 years in prison and a fine of $15,000.

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  1. unknown says:

    the big question is – How did he escape?

  2. Beth Rice says:

    what is he charged with that he thinks he needs to escape instead of standing like a man and waiting for trial. NOW he has a new charge on top of whatever he original was charged with. And this charge will stick.. I just hope who ever helped him realizes they also screwed him!!!!

  3. David Ruberto says:

    They’re saying he was a trustee at the jail and ran out when they were unloading the food truck, which would be a real bad thing for the jail if that was true because you’re not suppose to have access to any position like that unless you’re sentenced and from the comments I’ve seen he was still awaiting sentencing. Let’s hope that’s just a rumor becaus this could fall back on the jail hard core..

    • Guest says:

      you are correct, an inmate is not allowed to participate in a work release or trustee posistion until AFTER they have been sentenced. I am also sure nothing will happen to the Potter Co.Jail employees, things like this ALWAYS get covered up in Coudersport, for example he was escorted back by Bryan Phelps wich he himself is a well known thief and thats a covered up joke….

    • coudynews says:

      Actually, as the photographer who snapped the photos for this article, I can tell you that Bryan Phelps did not escort him back. Mr. Jeffers was escorted back by Chief Lee Gross of the Coudersport P.D. Officer Phelps only walked him from Chief Gross’s vehicle into the police department. Chief Gross was also right there, just out of the camera frame. Just to set the record straight.

      ~Tim Hallman

    • Mike says:

      if you are going to make comments like that why not leave your name…seems that you have no factual basis and just want to be another one of “those”

      Mike Spencer

    • Cantare Davunt says:

      I’m from out of state, but I am curious as to what other things potter county has covered up…

  4. CHELLE WILHELM38 says:

    So nice though that when he did escape (2 hrs BEFORE the power went out) that the community wasn’t informed. No radio release or anything on TV? What if he was dangerous? He was probably desperate & could have turned dangerous if he had to. Thank God nothing happened to anybody (including him). Community full of kids & just hours before school let out. Nice going Coudy. 🙁

  5. Toddmartinmahon says:

    wow the excitement offered in potter county is huge..

  6. badabingster says:

    Gross makes it sound so wonderful that he was captured. But which Barney Fife was responsible for losing him?

  7. Kelleher20 says:

    I can personally say that prison in potter county and the officials running it have had several inmatesworking in the kitchen that were not sentanced. And I have witnessed several other infractions I tried to bring these things to light by several letter to the comminioners, Sep warden and the sheriff and his deputies with not one responce back. From not one of them I have all the

  8. Bp says:

    The last time this happened, it didn’t end so well. Elmer Slingerland committed more murders and got as far as Florida. They need professionals running that jail instead of “Keystone Cops”.

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