BREAKING: McKean County Jail Escapee, America’s Most Wanted Fugitive Captured

MCKEAN CO. – A prison escapee and alleged sexual predator has been captured in Chautauqua County, NY.

Joseph Chapman, 28, was arrested yesterday by New York State Police after a local resident recognized him from an episode of America’s Most Wanted.

Chapman has allegedly been living under the name Joshua Tompkins, near Arkwright, NY.

Chapman escaped from the McKean County jail in 2007 after walking away from a morning work detail, and has been wanted on charges involving the sexual assault of a child and rape.

Officials say Chapman has made a habit of targeting single women with children. Police say he preys on their insecurities and low self-esteem — or in some cases, developmental disabilities — in order to weasel his way into their life. Chapman relies on the internet as his facilitator.

Chapman is currently incarcerated in the Chautauqua County jail awaiting extradition.


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  1. :D says:


  2. Aaron_martin3 says:

    I think he shouldn’t go back to jail he should just be shot or torchered death no more jail for him

  3. Dave says:

    i’m glad he was caught I hope he admitts to going into my house and taking some clothes before stealing my truck which was later recover a year later in buffalo after the inspection ran out

    • Chris15857 says:

      Wow a violent child rapist was running free ruining more peoples lives and ur worried about a fucking truck? Grow up nig, ur truck is the least of anybody’s worries and was probably a POS anyway. I can’t believe you just said this….and clothes? Are those 2 things more important than the children and women he has done harm to? I don’t think so! Quit being a selfish prick you jackass!

    • Forever4you8681 says:

      who cares about what happened to you and your dumb truck what about my kids and me that more important then your dumb ass shit and thank you Chris for what you said

    • Chris15857 says:

      No problem! This guy is obviously an idiot…

  4. Chris15857 says:

    Dave who gives a Shit about ur truck? They should have chopped his Dick off and made him choke to death on it! With the crimes he committed against my cousin, her kids, and other kids and women, your truck is the least of anybody’s worries…..get over it nig.

  5. I fought the law and the law won!

  6. Misty2354 says:

    He surely is a sick person and a coward for not admitting so and turning him self in. For him to be this close to where he lived leads me to believe he had help from his family or friends. They too should be condemned. I feel for the victims and I am sure there are more than will ever be known. I pray the victims never have to deal with wodering where he is any longer so they can finally get a good nights sleep. Keep him confined for ever. Bravo for the person who reported him to authorities!

  7. Mike034 says:

    do to him what he has done to others! then place him in a nut house because he is such a weak being he would not be able to handle what was done to him. courage to his victims for surviving and knowing he is going down.

  8. Sabre Nutt says:

    I told the police where he was 4 days after he escaped ….. all McKean county could say was, he better not come back here or he’ll be locked up. What a waste of space both are.

  9. Snoopy says:

    I hope the inmates ” take care ” of him and good riddance … Can’t believe he was on work detail when he escaped.

  10. Anonymous says:

    such language in these comments. Grow up.

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