Breaking News – Reports of Shooting in Coudersport

COUDERSPORT – We have received several unconfirmed reports of a shooting in Coudersport.

Reports of shots fired near Route 6, south of the Coudersport Consistory, possibly on the eastern hillside.

Several residents in the area report that they were confronted by town police armed with ‘assault rifles’, ordering them to put their hands in the air and requesting to search their residence, as a neighbor had reported shots fired in the area.

State Police in Coudersport have no information regarding the matter at this time.

More information as it becomes available.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Prob. someone shooting a red squirrel!

  2. Anonymous says:

    what ever it was, some body discharged a weapon within town limits is all that i know. But Phelps and Wenzell came walking up my driveway with their M16-AR’s drawn and pointing and me and my friends. We were standing on the porch (very well lit) and were ordered to put our hands up, since the were investigating shots being fired in the area. Apparently the neighbors across the street were the ones who reported the gun shots. But either way…. How in the hell in this day and age is Brian Phelps allowed to carry around a loaded M16!!!! And Effing point it at unarmed people!!!! especially ones that he personally knows!! I looked right at him and said “really, are u seriously pointing that thing at me?!”

  3. Timmayy says:

    @Anonymous on August 24th, 2010 10:28 am

    Was it directly at you, or near you?
    Was his finger off the trigger?

  4. Watch out! The Gestapos are coming says:

    It is the Ressurrection of Germany in Eulalia Township. The Gestapo’s and Foot Soldiers are going to re-construct the Wall going north; and south seperating the East, and West Ward of Coudersport. Hitler sits in the middle in the big white building with his Highest rank commander running the task force. People wanted change in that town this is what you are getting now, with the people who run it. Hope you guys all enjoy the inconveniences they bring along to all the citizens.

  5. Anonymous says:

    SOOOOOO… let me get this straight… you admit that someone was shooting a gun in the Boro… the POLICE are going around where there was a “GROUP” of ppl that are in that area and out side… soooo they are supose to just casualy walk up to you and be like… hummmm so guys there was a report that someone is shooting a gun… was it you???
    Get real… lets say that the police did just that and then it ended up being someone the next house down, and when they saw the police walking up just chatting with ppl they decided to open fire and killed one of your loved ones… your mom dad sister brother aunt uncle, whoever… you would be on here bit&*ing that they DIDNT do their job!!! Am I RIGHT??? Of course Iam…
    Get over yourself… you prob know Phelps because you broke the law yourself and if that is the case then I dont blame him for doing that!!! It is a small town smart one… you are going to know alot of people… IF you are such an upstanding citizen then you should understand that they were doing their job. Complied with their orders and then when they were done making sure that you and you “friends” were not SHOOTING up the town, simply said THANK YOU for making sure that we are safe. Im sure that would have been just fine. JUST SAYIN!!!!

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