BREAKING NEWS: Standoff Outside Westfield in Potter Brook, Tioga County

Standoff possibly ended in shooting death

POTTER BROOK – State Police are releasing no information in regards to the standoff last evening in Potter Brook, PA at this time.

However, several unconfirmed reports indicate that the man involved in the standoff was shot and killed by police, possibly sometime around 11:30 pm last night.

Neighbors tell us the man involved lived in the house in Potter Brook with the ‘bottle fence’, a fence which surrounded his property with bottles tied to it.

This information is unconfirmed.

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  1. Billie Sue Atkinson says:

    I have to ask why was no family called in to help in negotiations prior to the exculation of this incident that caused the dealth of a citizen, for what reasons? What was the reason for a Mental Health Warrent and what is a mental health warrent? I am concerned that the situation could have been better handled and that it may reveal a real true need of police and justice system to be inadequent in their training in these cases.

  2. Larryseeley says:

    to who it may concern i was there and it was all HANDLED wrong i was a close friend of the man that was killed i was contacted by police and had made contact jim and had him wanting to come out and talk as long as i was there but they would not let me the man was dieing a slow pain death and was scared all he wanted to do was sleep and talk to them in the morning but they just provoked the 81 yr old man untill they got there chance i was pissed that thewy lied

    • Beth says:

      i agree with u all they way why could they laft him alone god bless this family of hurt…i dont know why they where there to harm a 81 year old man but they did it all wron prays to u and they family

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