BREAKING: Potter County Prison Escapee Located near Ulysses

Police continue manhunt for Potter County Jail escapee

UPDATE: Escaped inmate Andrew Jeffers has been captured. Click here for an updated article.


UPDATE: Police say Jeffers was last spotted in the woods near Ulysses Borough on Empson Road, wearing a blue shirt and jeans and carrying a dark colored hooded sweatshirt.


COUDERSPORT – The capture of Andrew Jeffers, who escaped the Potter County Prison just before 1 p.m. yesterday afternoon, seems imminent, as police helicopters reportedly have the fugitive surrounded near Ulysses.

A spokesperson for the Pennsylvania State Police in Coudersport told CoudyNews they have located Jeffers in an area near Ulysses, but could not verify his capture at this time.

Police helicopters are reportedly circling the area now.

Police helicopter searching for escaped prisoner Andrew Jeffers near Ulysses, PA. Photo: Lonnie Somogyi.

Officials have not said how Jeffers escaped from the jail, but unconfirmed sources indicate he may have been granted duty as a jail trustee, and was possibly on some type of lunch break when he escaped. However, court records indicate Jeffers has yet to be convicted or sentenced, which would disqualify him from such work details according to jail policy.

CoudyNews will keep you updated as this story progresses.


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  1. Ge84orge says:

    Hopefully this ends wells. This boy has gotten himself into enough trouble.

  2. I pray for a good outcome as well. These big bad cops do not need to hurt or kill this boy. If that happens, I hope the town stands together!

    • Fireflower_06 says:

      He’s a fugitive and thief….why should a town stand behind him for breaking the law? Whatever the outcome, he brought it on himself.

  3. Jspetrencsik says:

    Yep it’s the damn cops fault, they made him commit the crime(s) he is in jail for, yep those damn big bad cops are the ones that made him escape. They forced him to runaway and evade capture. It was the cops that did this all. How about people accepting responsibilities for their own actions.and the public supporting the police for a change. Joseph Petrencsik Galeton Pa.

  4. Ge84orge says:

    I don’t think anyone said it was the cop’s fault. I think Jennifer was more or less saying she hopes they don’t shoot him like they have many others in the past. The cops around here have given themselves that reputation.

  5. Jspetrencsik says:

    Please refresh my memory what cops around here have a reputation for shooting people ? I was a cop from 1971-1994 and then spent 16 years with the State Police at Coudersport as a dispatcher. The SERT TEAM from Harrisburg, shot the young man from Harrison Valley and I believe there was one other Police Shooting in the past 39 years.

  6. Ge84orge says:

    Everytime SERT gets involved, someone gets shot. What are you talking about Joe?

    • Shawn S. says:

      Really, If people would obey basic laws and common sense most police officers would never have to draw a weapon. Back up your statement with facts on SERT or SWAT? Oh and why would you have SERT or SWAT in Potter county???? it is not like every little town police department has a team. most of them do not have enough employees to even staff a team. That means someone was being an idiot and broke the law.
      As for Jennifer’s post – ridiculous! big bad cops. Have you carried a badge before??? Maybe people making comments like that should accept the pay of our police officers, the crappy hours, and deal with the worst of humanity and then make comments like this. We have cops because people can’t seem to accept the ways of normal society and respect others.

    • Ge84orge says:

      Like the old man in Potter Brook? Common sense? Maybe if the cops didn’t go knocking on his door trying to take him away for “his own good”, he could’ve died peacefully instead of by the hand of a cop “protecting him”.

    • Shawn S. says:

      So all cops get judged by 1 local incident you don’t agree with? I don’t know the details of that incident so I can’t give an opinion on that. But I can say this, I believe our police do the best they can wit hwhat we give them. (as in the tools, pay, appreciation) from the community and tax dollars). I also say I am glad I don’t have to make their decisions and worry about people condemning them for doing the job they do for us.

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