Bridal Blitz and Fashion Show, October 15

The Court of Angels in Smethport will be the location for this year’s Bridal Blitz and Fashion Show on October 15th. The event will feature local businesses and home based companies to local residents preparing for weddings.

Event planner Jen McDonald of Duke Center says, “I know many people travel outside of the area to larger cities when planning for a large party or a wedding, not knowing who or where to find local assistance.” She hopes that by inviting local merchants, to encourage wedding shoppers to think local,  “The Bridal Blitz is a way for people to get together and show off their talents, and trades as well as a way for local people to come and find out who is in the area that would love to help them save time and money on their event. “

The event is free and open to the public, which according to McDonald, is something unique, “Most Bridal events force a pre-registration and charge a fee just to attend.”

The Fashion show will feature models displaying various wedding dresses and tuxedos, as well as multiple floral displays.

“We want to help people make their dream wedding possible,” says McDonald, who hopes the Bridal Blitz will help people plan their dream wedding – but, she says, even the perfect wedding can have those little things that go wrong that even the best planning can’t fix, “When my husband and I got married just over fourteen years ago everyone was seated and waiting for the ceremony to begin when we started to line up we found that my sister, one of the brides maids, had forgotten her shoes!  Thankfully someone was able to go get them from my mom’s house just in time. We thought for sure she was going to have to stand up there barefoot!”

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  1. Looking forward to the show! Can’t wait to get our booth set up!

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