California Proposition 19 Defeated

Measure would have legalized marijuana for recreational use

CALIFORNIA – California voters failed to pass Proposition 19 yesterday, a measure that would have legalized marijuana for recreational use in the state of California.

Mixed emotions now echo from the state. Opponents of marijuana legalization, led by law enforcement agencies and special interests groups backed by the likes of Anheuser Bush, the Pharmaceutical Industry, and even drug cartels, are declaring victory.

Advocates for legalization blamed the failed outcome on the typically Conservative-heavy voting populace during midterm elections, and say they will be ready for another chance in two years.

Other proponents are declaring victory. Richard Lee, an Oakland medical marijuana entrepreneur, called the effort a “tremendous moral victory”, setting the stage for a 2012 victory. “The fact that millions of Californians voted to legalize marijuana is a tremendous victory,” he said in a statement. “We have broken the glass ceiling. Prop. 19 has changed the terms of the debate.”

Legalization in California would have set the stage for other states to possibly pass such measures in the future, and while opponents believe the failed passage in California will weaken chances of other states passing such a measure, advocates disagree, believing many states will have similar measures on their ballots come 2012.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yep leave it to Budweiser, and the Pharmacuetical companies to not want a bill like this passed. They might lose a small portion of their profits if it was passed, and this could not happen, because all them top executives would not have the money to fill their pockets. Bunch of greedy ass bastards they are. Keep pushing death down peoples throats with drunk related deaths, and prescription drug overdoses. Good going Team America..

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