‘Stop Complaining about Out-of-State Workers and not having a Job’

At least 3 more local applicants needed to begin course, which practically guarantees job in natural gas industry COUDERSPORT – Area organizers and county officials have worked tirelessly to support local residents’ ability to obtain jobs in the natural gas […]

Op-Ed: American Morality – Can it be restored?

Op-Ed by Joshua Hatcher The Roulette Rebel & Josh Hatcher Media I understand that our culture has “evolved” to a place where they don’t want “religion” anymore. And while I do have a deep personal faith in Jesus, and I wish that […]

Veteran and Former Coudersport Resident Writes

Donald Stives

Donald Stives, an army veteran and former Coudersport student, recently wrote in hopes of catching up with past friends and acquaintances. Don asks that anyone wishing to contact him email stivesjrdon@gmail.com or on Facebook. Here is what Don had to say: […]

Protest SOPA, *Sign the Petition Today*

WordPress, Wikipedia and others go black in protest of SOPA Consider this an editorial-on-the-fly. Whether you have realized it or not, the United States government has stripped you and I of many of our Constitutional rights in the past several […]

Just My Two Cents: Who is the Real Victim?

Half a Notion

Op-ed: Failing to Regulate Environmental Toxins is not Fiscally Responsible

Half a Notion

Letter to the Editor

Half a Notion

Half a Notion

Half a Notion

Just My Two Cents

Half a Notion

Letter to the Editor: Kenyon Trial Coverage