CCAP Favors Gas Severance Tax With Local Share

Potter County Today

An influential statewide lobbying organization has signed on in support of a tax on natural gas produced in Pennsylvania. Up until last week, the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania was neutral on the “severance tax” that is under consideration by the state legislature.

CCAP’s support for the severance tax being levied by the state is contingent on three provisions:

  • an equitable and sufficient share must be shared with county and local governments;
  • there should be some threshold to protect marginal and so-called stripper
  • the severance tax must not be extended to other mineral extractions, particularly coal.

CCAP also supports the state allowing oil, gas and mineral rights to be subject to school district, municipal and county real estate taxes. These minerals were assessable until a 2002 Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision found that local governments lacked clear statutory authority. CCAP said the loophole could be closed by legislative action.

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