Ceglia Answers Big Question – Why Did He Wait So Long?

Paul Ceglia says previous arrest had him looking through old files

WELLSVILLE – The question that has been on everyone’s mind since the Wellsville Daily first broke the story about Paul Ceglia’s possible ownership of Facebook has finally been answered.

According to a report by Bloomberg, Ceglia says he had forgotten all about the contract he had with Zuckerberg, until after an arrest and suit by New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo had him digging through files and assets in an attempt to pay back customers.

Ceglia says that while digging through old files he found the contract that he and Zuckerberg had, which now entitles Ceglia to 84% ownership in Facebook.

According to the article Ceglia said, “If this thing hadn’t happened the way it happened, no way I would have ever started looking through these ancient folders,” Ceglia said of his pellet problems. “That contract would just be sitting in there gathering dust.”

Facebook still denies Ceglia’s claims, going so far as to say the copy of the contract appears fraudulent, but Ceglia seems confident that he will own Facebook, calling such accusations ‘absurd’.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Contract or no contract, what really gives this man the idea that he deserves to own FaceBook? He has not lifted a finger or a brain cell rewards the popular social network.

    I can see him going after some of the value, if the contract is real but to say I won it, that is totally observe!

    The man ripped others off, selling wood pellets and never delivering them, finds an old contract and think he owns FaceBook. The man is a common theft if you want my opinion.

    sigh, this is what makes the world go round and round and round, make me dizzy!!

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