Ceglia Complaint: Facebook Founder Zuckerberg the Real Fraud

Last week, attorneys representing Wellsville’s Paul Ceglia, filed an amended complaint against Facebook, Inc. and founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Ceglia and his lawyers allege Ceglia is entitled to at least 50% ownership of facebook.com.

Lawyers for Facebook have contended from the beginning Ceglia is a ‘fraud’ and ‘con-artist’, but recent emails provided by Ceglia, if authentic, indicate that Zuckerberg may be the real fraud and con-artist.

The emails detail communication between the investor and programmer, which end with Zuckerberg downplaying his work on, and the success of, the facebook.com, in an attempt to persuade Ceglia to give up interest in the project while Zuckerberg was hard at work soliciting capital for the project from angel investors without Ceglia’s knowledge.

You can read the amended complaint and the alleged emails below. To view the complaint in fullscreen mode, click here.

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