Chapman Waives Extradition, Set for Arraignment

Joseph Chapman

CHAUTAUQUA CO. – Accused rapist and convicted child molester, Joseph Chapman, who escaped from a morning work detail at the McKean County Jail in July of 2007, is scheduled to be arraigned before District Judge Bill Todd in a McKean County court today.

Chapman, who has been featured on the television show America’s Most Wanted, is said to have been living under the identity of Joshua Tompkins.

Chapman is said to have moved to Stockton, NY – an area just north of Jamestown – in September. According to the Dunkirk Observer, it was a Stockton woman who recognized Chapman on America’s Most Wanted and made the call to authorities.

She was quoted by the Observer as saying, “He had us all fooled. He told us he had no family. He seemed nice enough, and he helped everyone. I now understand that is the way he works his way in. There are lots of kids in the family. We can’t believe this. We’re scared.”

Chapman, a convicted sex offender, is accused of sexually assaulting a 4-year-old girl repeatedly. He is also wanted in Cameron County on charges of rape.

Police say Chapman preys on single mothers, especially those with disabilities or low self esteem. It is believed he relies on the internet for victims and that many of his crimes may still be unreported.

Chapman has reportedly waived extradition to Pennsylvania.

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