Charges against Buckingham Bound Over in Miller Murder Case

Avery 'Bud' Buckingham, Accused Accomplice in Murder of Sam Miller

COUDERSPORT – Charges against an Austin man accused of participating in the murder of Samuel Miller have been bound over in court.

At a Preliminary Hearing on Monday for Avery ‘Bud’ Earl Buckingham, age 25, charges of Murder of the First Degree(H1), Murder of the Third Degree(F1), Conspiracy – Murder of the First Degree(H1), and Corruption of Minors(M1) were bound over to county court.

Additional charges were also also lodged against Buckingham, including Tamper With/Fabricate Physical Evidence(M2), and Unsworn Falsification to Authorities(M2).

Buckingham is currently incarcerated in the Potter County Jail without bail.

According to District Attorney Andy Watson’s office, a Preliminary Hearing for accused trigger-man Jonothan ‘Jeep’ Prather has yet to be scheduled.

Accused accomplice 15-year-old Kaylynn Benson, waived her September 13 Preliminary Hearing. will continue to follow the Miller Murder Case as it progresses.

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  1. anonomys says:

    baby killer lock him up throw away the key the punk gee i think hes arrogant!

  2. essie says:

    What street are they standing on in Coudersport with the court house in the background? I don’t recognize the sides of the two “tan” buildings on the upper left……

  3. Tim Hallman says:


    The photo is taken in front of District Judge Annette Easton’s office. The yellow building is the cleaners.

  4. Beauford says:

    I think its funny that this Avery character thinks he is a blood and has lived in Austin his whole life….cant wait til he gets to prison and meets some real bloods…lol…good luck sucka your gonna need it

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