Charles Manson, 77, Has Parole Hearing Wednesday

The California Department of Corrections has released the latest photo of serial killer and former Indianapolis resident Charles Manson, now 77, one week before his next parole hearing, CNN reports.

The photo was released at the request of CNN.

CNN notes that photos of prisoners are taken when they are transferred to other prisons or medical facilities or, in Manson’s case, when an inmate’s appearance changes.

Manson’s parole hearing is set for Wednesday. The last hearing he attended was 15 years ago, CNN says, and he may not show up this time. He has been denied parole 11 times.

Manson was initially sentenced to death for the 1969 slayings of actress Sharon Tate and six others by a group of his followers.

The death sentence was changed to life in prison after California’s death penalty was overturned for a period of time during the 1970s, CNN notes.

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  1. ATWA'r with lies says:

    Charles Manson the prophet, messenger of life, finder of lost children, YOUR children.
    keep on jiving Charlie. ATWA yeah

    “You cant fight for peace & you cant capture freedom” C.Manson

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