Cherry Springs Star Party Starts Friday (Click link to view on Community Events Calendar)

Star parties are astronomy events that consist of dozens to hundreds of people camping out with telescopes gazing at the heavens. They usually occur on weekends near a new moon. The Cherry Springs Star Party will take place at Cherry Springs State Park, 11 miles south of Coudersport.

Friday, May 27 will be the public stargazing night. Plan to arrive at 8:00 pm. Visitors should park in the Night Sky Viewing area public parking lot, located on the north side of Rt. 44 and then walk over to the Astronomy Field. It is recommended that a small flashlight be brought along and members of the CSSP Dark Sky Team volunteers will be handing out pieces of red cellophane and rubber bands to convert the white light to red. No white light is permitted on the Astronomy Observation Field as it destroys night vision.

Check out the Cherry Springs Dark Sky Fund Association at

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