Christmas House Volunteers Do More Than Make Wishes Come True

Shown from left are: back — Rev. Russell Horning, Ed Pruitt, Georgia Pruitt, Judy Mottershed, Jane Metzger, Billie Haskins, Charlene Smith, Leona Ruter and Barbara Heimel; front — EllaMay Campbell, Rev. Becky Edwards, Pearl Young and Alyce Reese.

Volunteers and supporters of the Christmas House in Coudersport — “the place where miracles happen” — paused briefly during Thursday’s open house. Smiles and good will were everywhere as a steady stream of well-wishers stopped in to enjoy refreshments, look over the work of the all-volunteer team and prepare for the holiday season at the Coudersport headquarters.

An affiliated center, known as Christmas House Too, has opened in Harrison Valley.

Rev. Becky Edwards is shown presenting the Christmas House with a donation of $1,405.

The Christmas House, with the help of local residents, volunteers and contributors, has been supporting the local community for some 19 plus years.

While many may believe the Christmas House simply provides gifts at Christmas time for needy families, they do far more than just that.

Alyce Reese says the Christmas House has had a hand in assisting many families throughout the year. Such as donating much needed articles of clothing, blankets and the like to families who have lost their homes due to fire. Reese also said the Christmas House has helped families facing financial crisis in keeping essential utilities from being shutoff.

I asked Alyce Reese if she ever considered using the internet as a means of generating donations to help continue their wonderful services, to which she replied, “We never solicit”.

So, while these folks may never ask for a dime, that does not mean that I cannot, on their behalf. With that said, I urge anyone reading this to consider donating to the Christmas House. Whether it be money, time, or goods, you can rest assured these volunteers will put it to good use.

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