Clearfield Co. Doctor Charged with Selling Prescription Meds for Cash

7-28-11_Dr. Yande

HARRISBURG – A Clearfield County doctor, who operated an osteopathic practice out of his home, was charged today with selling prescriptions to powerfully addictive narcotic medications in exchange for cash.

Attorney General Linda Kelly identified the defendant as Dr. Rajendra Yande, 47, 633 Maple Ave., Dubois, Clearfield County. Dr. Yande began his practice in Dubois in early 2008 and runs his daily operations out of his Maple Avenue home.

Evidence and testimony regarding the case was presented to a statewide investigating grand jury, which recommended the criminal charges being filed today.

According to the grand jury, agents began an undercover investigation into Dr. Yande?s prescription practices in March 2009. Agents made a series of undercover purchases and bought 50 prescriptions for more than 2,180 prescription narcotic pills.

The grand jury found that Dr. Yande wrote prescriptions for Percocet, Vyvanse, Adderal, Hydrocodone, Halcion, Valium and Xanax and often times provided his patients with prescriptions for multiple narcotics at a time.

According to the grand jury, Dr. Yande saw his patients in his living room, exercise room or kitchen of his home and did not use an exam table or a scale. Agents said that there was a blood pressure cuff and a stethoscope in the home, but neither was used during the undercover visits.

Kelly said that Dr. Yande allegedly did not require patients? medical records prior to prescribing controlled substances and allegedly did not conduct physical exams on his patients.

The grand jury found that Dr. Yande did not accept any insurance for his pain management patients and had a sign posted in his waiting room area that had a price list based on the number of narcotic medications prescribed.

Patients who saw Dr. Yande allegedly received multiple prescriptions for narcotic pain killers as long as they paid him in cash. The cost of each visit ranged between $70 and $250 and he required that they return every two weeks.

Agents executed three search warrants of patient files and determined that a large number of Dr. Yande?s patients were on Medical Assistance. Kelly explained that an individual on Medical Assistance has a minimal co-pay through the program, which covers office visits.

Kelly noted that the investigation into Dr. Yande?s prescription practices continues to be ongoing.

Kelly thanked the Clearfield County District Attorney?s Office, the Dubois Police Department, the Clearfield County Sheriff?s Department and the Clearfield County Drug Task Force for their assistance with the investigation.

Dr. Yande is charged with 11 counts of drug device and cosmetic act violations, four counts of dealing in proceeds of unlawful activity, and one count of provider prohibited acts.

The case will be prosecuted in Clearfield County by Senior Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Baxter of the Attorney General?s Medicaid Fraud Control Section.

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