Clymer Dept. 16 Medic 2 For Person Run Over by Tractor

Medicopter dispatched

Farming accident. Victim was ran over by a tractor. Persons were felling trees when one landed on tractor operator, knocked him off of the tractor, at which point he was ran over by the tractor. Patient is located in remote area unaccessible by traditional means. 6-wheelers have been dispatched along with a medicopter.

Near Sabinsville at 639 Grimes Hill Road near intersection of Cemetery Hill.

Clymer Dept. 16 Medic 2 has been dispatched to 639 Grimes Hill Road for a farming accident.

Guthrie and LifeNet 7-7 reporting unavailability

5:49 pm Personnel on scene establishing Landing Zone

5:50 pm LifeFlight 2 ETA 40 min.

5:51 pm Dept. 16 with 6-wheelers dispatched

5:55 pm Westfield Dept. 5 with engine and rescue dispatched

6:29 pm Medicopter has touched down at LZ

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