Collection Agency Going After Those Who Owe Fines, Court Costs

Potter County Today

courtfinesIndividuals who owe Potter County long-ignored fines and other court-related expenses are being contacted with reminders of their obligations and the consequences they will face if they fail to pay up. The Potter County Board of Commissioners contracted with Capital Recovery Systems Inc. of Columbus, Ohio, for collection services, which began in October. There is no cost to the county. Using technology-based search services and other tools, the company expects to track down at least one-third of those who have escaped previous collection efforts dating back many months or several years.

In those cases where Capital is able to locate a debtor and collect what’s due, Potter County will receive the entire amount due. The contractor will tack on a collection fee, as permitted by Pennsylvania law. Capital Recovery has tempered county officials’ expectations by pointing out that some of the past-due fines and costs are uncollectible because those who owe cannot be located.

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