Commissioner Douglas Morley Seeking Re-election

Candidate’s News Release:

Potter County Commissioner Douglas Morley has announced his intention to seek a second term. He is a candidate for the Republican nomination in the May 17 primary election.

As chairman of the Board of Commissioners since he was seated in January 2008, Morley has led a comprehensive effort to improve efficiencies with the county government and prepare for new challenges. He seeks another term to continue the progress in improving the overall operation of the county.

“It has been an honor to serve the Potter County citizens and I am looking forward to the future,” Morley said. “I pledge to continue to work diligently to ensure that Potter County is positioned to take advantage of new opportunities as well as manage the change that comes with challenges that lie ahead.”

A lifelong resident of Potter County, the candidate is a graduate of Northern Potter High School and attended Williamsport Area Community College. He and his wife Patty have lived in Gold (Allegany Township) for the past 34 years. They have two grown children and two grandchildren.

Morley worked at the Pure Carbon plant in Coudersport as a machinist and department supervisor. He also owned a small family restaurant in Potter County prior to beginning a 23-year career in the banking industry.

He has served on multiple county boards and local organizations, taking leadership roles in community improvement projects, economic development partnerships and educational/training programs.

“Potter County is positioned to meet the challenges that are on the horizon, such as the anticipated budget cuts at the state and federal levels and the increased burden that is being placed on counties, municipalities and school districts,” Morley said.

Chairman Morley has been actively involved with townships, boroughs and school districts to work with them to prepare for these challenges in partnership with the county government.

He sees the advent of shale gas development as a new dynamic to which the county is adjusting with leadership from the current Board of Commissioners.

“The economic, environmental and social changes coming with this need to be dealt with proactively,” Morley said.

He commended the current county workforce for embracing changes in operations that the commissioners have implemented.

“There has been a concerted effort on the part of all management to adapt to change in how they conduct business,” said the candidate. “This has included integrating technology into their operations and encouraging staff to update their skills through training.”

This has allowed the county to improve efficiency and limit staffing without diminishing services, he pointed out.

Morley said Potter County has the opportunity to continue the positive direction in which it is heading, adding, “With strong leadership and a proven record, Potter County will be able to take full advantage of opportunities, weather adversity and provide the quality of life that all of its citizens deserve.”

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