Controversial Anti-Drilling Film ‘Gasland’ to Play at Coudersport High School

COUDERSPORT – ‘Gasland’, a Sundance award-winning documentary by filmmaker Josh Fox, which details his account of events while embarking on a cross-country investigative tour after being asked to lease his land for the purpose of drilling for natural gas, will air at the Coudersport High School auditorium on November 10.

Gas industry representatives and even some environmental regulatory agents, such as DEP Secretary John Hanger, have highly criticized the film, calling Fox a ‘propagandist’ and saying the film is ‘fundamentally dishonest’, an allegation that Fox disputes to great length and with evidence.

The film has screened across the nation and aired on PBS and currently on HBO.

The film will screen at the Coudersport High School auditorium on Wednesday, November 10 at 7 pm as part of a program outlining environmental topics related to the gas industry.

The program will also include water monitoring and environmental protection presentations by the God’s Country Chapter of Trout Unlimited and the Allegheny Defense Project.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Seen this several times and it’s biased maybe but I also think most of it is true. I can’t understand why we push so hard for drilling and let it happen but when someone wants to build clean energy like windmills everyone is in an uproar.

  2. joe says:

    this is great, Gas land will show with in a one hour drive to one of the oldest oil towns in the nation. I’d like to know if Mr Fox would like to jump over to bradford and share his knowlage with those folks.

  3. joe says:

    clean energy like windmills can not be built without gas and gas products. Wind mills are not a constant form of power, and most are funded by the tax money. Natural gas in pa pays land owners not the other way around. Also, Mr Fox didn’t tell anyone that states like CO and PA already had gas in the water long before shale gas drilling started. Natural gas is cheeper and more avalible than ever. The US exports more gas than any nation in the world. but Mr Fox, a film maker, not a local farm boy as the film would have us think, is just another Al Gore.

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