Controversy Ignites Over State's Tax Ad

Big Brother is Watching

HARRISBURG – “Big Brother is Watching” – or at least the State of Pennsylvania would like it’s citizens to believe so, according to a recent advertisement broadcast by the state.

The 30-second TV commercial begins with an image of earth zooming in from outer space. The sound of a spy satellite beeps as the imagery descends through a cloud canopy and upon the state of Pennsylvania, zooming in on what could be any one of our homes.

A female voice then says, “Your name is Tom. You live just off Fifth Steet. Nice car, Tom. Nice house.” The female voice then says that Tom owes $4,212 in back taxes and goes on to proclaim, “Listen, Tom… we do know who you are.”

Not long after the advertisement appeared on television the internet lit up with a buzz of critics saying the state’s tactic is ‘intimidating, Orwellian, and scary.”

Despite the criticism, the state of Pennsylvania says the ad has struck a nerve and that the recent tax amnesty program produced better than expected results.

Steve Aaron, VP of the Neiman Group responsible for producing the ad said, “The fact of the matter is government does know who these people are. It clearly struck a nerve. Some in a good way, some not. That’s OK. The bottom line is, does it work?”

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  1. Adrian says:

    Does it work?
    Lol nazism worked too – for the nazis.
    What the hell is this ?

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