Cops: Elkland Man Chased Victim after Threatening to “Choke Him Out”

ELKLAND – And Elkland man was charged with summary harassment as the result of an incident just after midnight in the Boro of Elkland on Sunday, May 20.

State Police in Mansfield say 38-year-old John Gardner threatened to “choke out” a 24-year-old Elkland man, and then chased him from the scene of a social gathering.

Gardner was cited in District Court 04-3-01.

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  1. Johnnys_gyrl01 says:

    It’s about time someone stands up to their Bully and does not allow that person to push them around!!! ANYONE that has the audacity to BULLY someone else DESERVES ANY and ALL consequences they have coming their way!!! To think Mr. John Gardener is SUPPOSED to be a PILLAR of OUR community as he in position in our Fire Company… YET he has the AUDACITY to behave like a BULLY!!! What kind of role model is this for our up and coming youth in Elkland??? Not one that I would want my children to follow… I certainly would not want MY children to think it is fine to BULLY others to get what they want out of life!!! That is NOT a way for ANYONE to BEHAVE!!! I can only pray our Fire company sees fit to expel him completely from their organization and the District Justice throws the book at him!!! BULLIES need to learn this type of BEHAVIOR is NOT GOING TO BE TOLERATED IN TODAY’S SOCIETY!!!

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