Cops: Olean Rape Never Happened

Woman who claimed she was raped made false allegations

1490NewsBlog – WESB
by Anne Holliday

An Olean woman who told police she was sexually attacked in Oak Hill Park has admitted that she made up the story.

Police say that toward the end of their investigation she admitted she was not telling the truth about the attack.

She had been taken to Olean General Hospital after taking 9 Benadryl tablets.

The woman has not been charged with making false reports, but has agreed to seek counseling.

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  1. Vicktim of False Rape Accusations says:

    Here we go again!

  2. Another Victim of Fale Rape Accusations says:

    same **** happened to me but luckily her lies came out. It is funny how the knuckleheads that “do actually” rape someone don’t get told to seek counseling with no charges filed. Only in Onlean!

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