Corbett Eats His Words; Tries to Save Face

Recent statements made by Gubernatorial candidate Tom Corbett has the AG grasping to save face

PA Attorney General Tom Corbett recently made controversial statements regarding the 390,000+ Pennsylvanians who are currently receiving unemployment. Now, the gubernatorial candidate is working to save face by saying those statements were based on, “a story that I’d heard from about five, six, seven different people across the state of Pennsylvania”.

In a recent radio broadcast Tom Corbett accused unemployed workers of wanting to stay on unemployment rather than return to work. Corbett also referenced a Camp Hill candy manufacturer, saying that the company could not find skilled workers, as they would rather remain on unemployment than return to work at the factory.

A spokesman from the candy manufacturing company shot back, saying the accusations are false. The company stated that the AG’s statements were manipulative, and that each year the company hires roughly 50 European college students who are on summer break, and that the practice has absolutely nothing to do with the company’s ability to fill full-time positions.

“During their summer vacation period, they come over here and work and travel. We’re very fond of working with them,” a company executive told Capitolwire.

Yesterday, Corbett’s campaign spokesman Kevin Harley told the Philadelphia Daily News that Corbett did not intend to smear any of the 390,000 Pennsylvanians that are now receiving unemployment compensation, in a state that has an unemployment rate of 9.1%.

But that is exactly what Corbett did.

Harley attempted to downplay Corbett’s statements by saying, “It’s anecdotal information. He didn’t say it was a fact. He said, This is what I’m hearing”.

Perhaps an Attorney General running for Governor’s office should refrain from making accusatory statements about would-be voters based on ‘anecdotal information’.

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