Coudersport Man Jailed on Charges He Injured 2-Month-Old

COUDERSPORT – John R. Robedee, Jr., 24, of Coudersport, was arrested today and charged with felony Endangering the Welfare of a Child.

Police say Robedee struck a 2-month-old victim on several occasions, causing injuries to the child. Police say the infant was in Robedee’s care when the alleged abuse happened; once in the parking lot of the Clarion Wal-Mart and again inside a vehicle between Sweden Valley and Oswayo.

Robedee was arraigned before Magistrate Stubbs, who set bail at $10,000 straight.

Robedee was unable to post bail and was remanded to the Potter County Jail.

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  1. Christina_michelle_2012 says:

    Johnny wouldn’t ever do anything to a child. He loves kids an is great with themm, he is one of mybbest friends.:. I know better..
    . Loveeee ya johnny.. BTW this is chrissi Lynn. Keep your head up.

  2. Stina says:

    John would never ever hurt a child. I would trust him with any child and never think twice about it. He has one of his own and is one of the best fathers ever. He has a huge heart when it comes to children. I really hope the great police officers (sarcasm inserted here) of Good ol Potter County has a good amount of evidence because I and many others find this to be ridiculous.

  3. Budzilla87 says:

    apparently he would hurt a child,,… hope he rots there… thats bull that anyone would strike a lil baby like that….

    • baby_gurl_9336 says:

      IT happend to my son. And i had 2 witnesses. So Unless You Were There, Keep your noses out of it. I do believe Chrissy that thats’ probably y you don’t even have both of your kids in custody and Kiesha is barely ever with you… RIGHT?!?! yea i know you and i know that you’d trust anybody’d dog with your kids. Back the hell off. KThanks.

      Budzilla87–> Thanks Hobo :p

    • Beth198651 says:

      know sence she has a kid she is blaming them for beating her kid stead of rape

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