Coudersport Teen Sentenced

A Coudersport teenager was sentenced on multiple charges in Potter County court on Wednesday, May 18.

Jonah Rushmore, age 18, was charged with Corruption of Minors (M1), Selling/Furnishing Alcohol to Minors (M3) and Purchasing Alcoholic Beverages By Minor (S).

On July 3, 2010 Coudersport Police were dispatched to an unrelated incident in the area of Take Two Video in Coudersport Borough. While there, police made contact with Rushmore and a 14 year old juvenile. At the time, police noticed an odor of alcoholic beverages, slurred speech and Rushmore stumbling when attempting to walk. The same was also noticed on the juvenile.

The defendant was given a breathalizer, which registered his BAC to be .18%. He was then informed of his Miranda Rights, at which time he admitted to giving the juvenile alcohol, out of a Sunny D bottle, which was recovered from the defendant.

For the charge of Corruption of Minors, Rushmore was sentenced to 12 months of Probation, a fine of $300.00 and 25 hours of community service. For the charge of Selling and/or furnishing alcohol to minors, he was sentenced to 12 months Probation (consecutive), and a fine of $200.00. For the charge of Purchase Alcoholic Beverage By Minor, he was sentenced to a fine of $100.00.

The case was prosecuted by Potter County District Attorney Andy Watson.

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  1. Cocerned local says:

    If they were there on an unrelated incident how did this young man get drug into the mix? Were they looking for him or did he happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time? Obviously he was drinking but did he have to be there? Did he have anything to do with the unrelated incident?

    • Me says:

      If he was outside on the street, that is his own stupid fault. Quit trying to bring stuff against the police for doing their job! Kids need to learn one way or the other, and some it needs to be the hard way.

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