Personal Note From The Editor: It appears that certain competitive entities are spreading rumors about CoudyNews containing a virus. This is completely false!

CoudyNews has never, and will  never, contain malware, spyware, viruses or other malicious code. The same however cannot be said for our competition, who HAS served up trojans and malware via embedded flash in the past. Likely the same competitor is now spreading rumors about CoudyNews.

If I sound irritated, that’s because I am. We have worked very hard to keep CoudyNews clean and fast loading. For someone to be spreading such rumors is ridiculous.

Don’t take our word for it, do your own virus scan at VirusTotal and see how clean CoudyNews is for yourself.

Scanning site with: AMaDa  CLEAN
Scanning site with: BrowserDefender  CLEAN
Scanning site with: DNS-BH  CLEAN
Scanning site with: DShield SDL  CLEAN
Scanning site with: Google Diagnostic  CLEAN
Scanning site with: hpHosts  UNRATED
Scanning site with: LLC  CLEAN
Scanning site with: Malc0de  CLEAN
Scanning site with: Malware Domain List  CLEAN
Scanning site with: Malware Patrol  CLEAN
Scanning site with: MyWOT  UNRATED
Scanning site with: Norton SafeWeb  CLEAN
Scanning site with: ParetoLogic URL Clearing House  CLEAN
Scanning site with: PhishTank  CLEAN
Scanning site with: SCUMWARE  CLEAN
Scanning site with: SpamhausDBL  CLEAN
Scanning site with: SURBL  CLEAN
Scanning site with: Threat Log  CLEAN
Scanning site with: Trend Micro Site Safety Center  CLEAN
Scanning site with: URIBL  CLEAN
Scanning site with: VSCAN  CLEAN
Scanning site with: Web Security Guard  UNRATED
Scanning site with: ZeuS Tracker  CLEAN

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  1. Me says:

    Coudy News is clean and spam FREE. I know, I placed an add on a competitors site and in minutes I had a ton of spam email. Mostly from Nigerian scammer’s. I had to close that email account! So I know for a fact the other site has a email harvester on it!!!~ Never had any problem with Coudy News!

  2. admin says:

    Let me just state for the record. We use our own custom code for CoudyNews. We do NOT rely on insecure third party software or free blogging platforms such as blogspot. Because of this we control every aspect of this site and make it impossible for a trojan or other malicious code to enter our server. This site is scanned on a daily basis both by google and our own server-side anti-virus software.

  3. admin says:

    Thank you for your comment. We are very serious about security. We employ a number of counter-spam, anti-bot and scraping tools to protect our site data and user privacy.

    We kill unauthorized spiders with apache re-directs and turn spambots back onto themselves.

    We also use many, many other mitigation tactics to prevent attacks and security breeches.

    CoudyNews is as secure as possible.

  4. loyalreader says:

    Would like to also mention that ads served from remote ad servers (even google adsense, but that is extremely rare) can, and have triggered false positives on some antivirus software – which is why I run Firefox for my normal web browsing use, with the Flashblock add-on, (blocks flash from automatically playing until you click the “play” button) , among other security add-ons. – This sort of false positive (and in some extremely rare cases, legit positives, where the ad serving company missed an ad or two) can easily cause a reputation issue with websites – through no fault of their own. Ive found coudynews to be one of the easiest to read and easiest to load news sites in the local area. (another one I frequently visit often causes java on my windows machine to go haywire, and I end up having to reboot computer to kill it off – Im too lazy to go to process list and kill the offending java program) So, I tend to only browse that, and the web in general, on Firefox browser, with the aforementioned flashblock add-on, and Java disabled , only enabled where I want to run something. (I also block all third party cookies, especially from )

  5. admin says:

    Thank you loyalreader. You are 100% correct. The only third-party ads we serve are google ads, and yes as you said, in very rare instances they can trigger false positives. In fact, if anyone ever saw a virus warning on CoudyNews, that would be the only way possible.

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