Counties Oppose Human Services Budget Cuts

abc_block_grantsPotter County has plenty at stake as state lawmakers continue to negotiate the fiscal 2012-13 budget. The Potter County Commissioners have joined their counterparts across the state in announcing support for the proposed Human Services Block Grant and they are continuing to advocate for restoration of funding for human services programs. If the General Assembly passes a budget that reduces funding, without providing counties more flexibility to manage continued reductions and relief from administrative burdens, county governments and clients will be adversely affected. State funds support Potter County Human Services in operation of programs the county is mandated to provide for senior citizens, individuals with mental health or addiction problems, those with intellectual disabilities, victims of child abuse or neglect, and other vulnerable citizens. Block grants would be phased in to allow counties to make administrative and program changes to provide better coordinated, integrated and sustainable human services programs. A version of the state budget introduced in the Senate called for a 20-percent reduction in state funds for county-based human services. That was later amended to a 10-percent cut. Many commissioners across the state warn that even a 10-percent reduction in state support will result in reduced services at the county level.

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