County Receives DA Reimbursement For 2008; 2009-10 Still Overdue

Potter County Today

The Potter County Commissioners this week received another partial payment from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in the amount of $33,686, covering a portion of the state’s long-overdue reimbursement of the Potter County District Attorney’s salary of 2008. The payment cleared the books for 2008. However, the state owes Potter County $104,550 for 2009,  representing 65 percent of the DA salary of $160,850, and an equal amount for 2010.

Potter County has footed the bill for the entire DA salary, even though Act 57 of 2005 obligates the state to pay 65 percent. Sheri Phillips, director of management services for the Office of Attorney General, explained the reason for the chronic delays: “The Criminal Justice Enhancement Account does not currently have enough funds to reimburse the full amount . . . As the funds continue to accumulate in the account, we will begin to make partial payments for calendar year 2009.”

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