Couple Adopts Konopka's Daughter

by Anne Holliday – WESB

Megan Konopka’s daughter has been adopted by a couple from Kane, although the little girl’s grandparents had wanted custody of her.

Konopka and her unborn son were murdered last September at the Riddell House. Her daughter Michell, who will turn 2 this month, has been a foster child of Scott and Laura Lorenzo since she was 3 months old.

McKean County Children and Youth Services placed Michell with the Lorenzos after discovering that Konopka was mentally challenged and unable to care for her daughter. Her parents didn’t know about Michell until after Konopka’s death.

Greggory Theobald is serving two consecutive life sentences without the chance of parole for killing Konopka and the unborn baby.

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