DEP Fines Seneca Landfill $107,147 for Chronic Environmental Violations

DEP News Release

MEADVILLE — The Department of Environmental Protection has fined Seneca Landfill, located in Lancaster and Jackson townships, Butler County, $107,147 for repeated operational violations and failing to comply with state laws.

“Seneca Landfill has been lax in following the environmental regulations that direct how municipal landfills are required to operate in Pennsylvania,” DEP Northwest Regional Director Kelly Burch said. “DEP expects landfill operators to comply with the law. When they do not, they will face consequences.”

During six inspections at the landfill this spring and summer, DEP inspectors found numerous violations, including:
• Failure to have a temporary litter control fence in place and litter being found off-site;
• Sporadic record keeping for on-site and off-site odor monitoring;
• Waste excavated from a gas well drilling location was not immediately relocated to the working face and covered;
• No increase in off-site odor monitoring during gas well drilling operations; and
• Failure to have permanent physical markers posted around the landfill perimeter.

DEP conducted inspections at the landfill on March 17, April 5, April 22, May 17, June 2 and July 8, and issued violation notices following those inspections.

In December 2009, DEP and Seneca entered into a consent order and agreement to address chronic odor issues at the landfill. Seneca paid a $22,000 penalty.

The $107,147 penalty will be directed to the state’s Solid Waste Abatement Fund, which finances cleanups of illegal dumps and other public health hazards.

Seneca Landfill is a subsidiary of Vogel Holdings, Inc.

For more information on waste management regulations, visit, keyword: Waste management.

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