Despite Budget, Counties Unsure of How Much Funding They Will Receive

From Courier Express

BROOKVILLE – It has been almost two weeks since Gov. Ed Rendell signed Pennsylvania’s budget and it is still not clear how much money will be doled out to county governments.

“We are still trying to figure out where we are going to be in this new budget,” Jefferson County Commissioner Paul Corbin said Tuesday. “From what I heard yesterday, the cuts may not be as drastic as we first thought. We don’t know, at this time, if the numbers we have seen are going to be the numbers we will have to work with.”

“This is an election year budget,” Commissioner Jeff Pisarcik said. “They threw this together with numbers just to make it look good.”

“Our concern is that last year there were freezes that became cuts,” Commissioner Jim McIntyre said. “We can’t sit here and think that might not happen again this year.”

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