Diane Gramley to Make Personal Appearance at Coudersport Public Library

Diane Gramley, who was one of the subjects of ‘Out In The Silence’ to tell her side of the story

COUDERSPORT – Last week, Joe Wilson and Dean Hamer screened their documentary ‘Out In The Silence’ at the Coudersport Public Library. The announcement of the screening of the film brought about a large controversy that made headlines across the country, mostly due to the fact that Joe Wilson published false reports of ‘threats’ and ‘large protests’. He also contacted local law enforcement and made false reports that he and others were subject to such threats and insinuated that a large and possibly violent protest in opposition to the film would take place at the library.

Wilson even released news releases containing misinformation during the course of events that transpired, bolstering his claims of being ‘threatened’. The news release even contained what appears to be a blatantly made up quote, by an unnamed local librarian that stated, “We’ve received phone calls all morning from clergy ‘screaming at us’, reported a library staff member. ‘They’re threatening large protests and we don’t know what to do.'”

When I asked Keturah Cappadonia, a local librarian, before the screening of the film about the threats and calls, she said that everyone was ‘courteous’, and that there were no threats that she was aware of. We also found out later that there were only ten phone calls placed to the library, and of those, five were in support of showing the film.

Since then other news agencies picked up on the story and added their own spin. The Harrisburg-Patriot for example published an article in complete support of Wilson and his agenda, going so far as to sensationalize the movie, by declaring that at the end of the screening, “there was a flash of lightning outside, a sharp clap of thunder, and a double rainbow filled the sky.”

Many have asked why would the Harrisburg-Patriot care about a gay documentary being shown hundreds of miles away in Coudersport? The answer may be quite simple. The author of the article from the Harrisburg-Patriot is a former editor of the Potter Leader Enterprise, and is reportedly gay.

Now, Diane Gramley, President of the Pennsylvania AFA (American Family Association), who is vilified in the film, has decided to make a personal appearance here in Coudersport at an upcoming presentation to tell her side of the tale.

I spoke to Diane today on the phone and she says that footage Wilson took of her was edited and misconstrued to portray her in a negative light. She specifically referred to a portion of the movie where Wilson states that Diane would never give a gay man the time of day, and then shows her walking away from Wilson. Diane said she spent half an hour talking to Wilson on film prior to that, and the portion he edited was after her conversaton with him. She also said that Wilson called her on the phone several times, and that she spent at least a few hours talking to Wilson, although neither of them could see eye-to-eye.

Gramley also said this is not the first time that Wilson has used misinformation and manipulation to garner support to his cause and publicize his movie, referring to instances of Wilson calling authorities and claiming threats being made against him in the past.

Diane Gramley also says that Wilson and crew confronted her with cameras in hand while she was attending a parade in Oil City for Governor Rendell, and that during the course of shooting the movie Wilson and crew confronted other citizens, in the street, by phone, and by showing up at their doorsteps with cameras rolling.

Doctor Robert Wagner, a former local physician, has requested that the Coudersport Public Library give him and Gramley the opportunity to use the library space for a Christian response to ‘Out In The Silence’.

I last talked to Doctor Wagner yesterday, who said he still was not sure if the library would grant his request, as they had not responded yet.

Doctor Wagner stated that with the recent statements made by the Coudersport Public Library regarding freedom of speech and the need for an array of varying material, that his request should not be denied.

He also said that he will be printing flyers and distributing them for a presentation at the library, conditionally scheduled for Wednesday, August 25th.

Doctor Wagner also said that he intends on attending a library board meeting if his request is unanswered or rejected in the meantime.

The following letter was submitted to the library staff in handwritten form, by Doctor Wagner, after the screening of ‘Out In The Silence’ last Wednesday. A copy of the original handwritten note is available.

Keturah Cappadonia
Library Director
Coudersport Public Library

Re: Rental of Public Library

Dear Keturah:

Please accept this note as a request to rent the Coudersport Public Library on a Wednesday evening between the dates of August 10 to the 1st of September.

I plan to discuss a Bible believing Christian response to ‘Out In The Silence’ and related topics.

Robert Wagner M.D.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Diane Gramley I support you 100%! I have supported the AFA for years and will continue to do so. I have the utmost respect for the AFA.

    I have followed this from the very beginning and I think the actions of the filmmakers is appalling and unacceptable!

  2. deb says:

    Curt Weinhold has a photo of the actual rainbow on his Facebook page if anyone is interested…
    I think it will be interesting to see if the man who shrieked “YOU’RE NOT A CHRISTIAN! YOU CAN’T BE!” at me will be present at Dr. Wagner’s meeting.

  3. admin says:

    It’s not really about the rainbows, it is about how the article sensationalized their appearance, much like the entire overall spin of the article.

    But hey maybe Curt will share the photos with us? ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. deb says:

    You’re the one that made the “alleged” rainbow an issue

  5. admin says:

    So, I checked out Curt’s photo and still I see only one rainbow.

    But that’s OK because there’s a double rainbow two articles up! ๐Ÿ™‚ <--- and don't theses smiley faces look mean? What's their problem? o.O

  6. Anonymous says:

    A rainbow is a promise from God that he will never destroy the entire earth with a flood.

    There is no pot of gold at the end and it had NO meaning at all the night of the showing of that film.

    I agree that whole amateur movie is sensationalized and surrounded by LIES. The author of that article made it sound like the heavens were rejoicing, give me a break. He left Potter County, I think he should stay away~!

  7. Ken Johnston says:

    Oh OH, the great “DocWagner” has arrived on the scene! Do not fear-Doc is here! He has a miracle cure for everything-don’t believe it? Just ask him!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Is this “CoudyNews.com,” or “CoudyOpinion.com”? Speaking of agendas …

    Editor’s Note: My agenda is quite simple…to extract the truth. As for opinion, I make it quite clear when I’m interjecting opinion.

    Would you rather read the truth? or reality watered down so that it fits into the nice little bubble that is the acceptance of the whole?

    Unfortunately, the truth many times is not popular, however that will not stop me from reporting it.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Oh, and it’s the Harrisburg Patriot-News, not the Harrisburg-Patriot. Hope the rest of your fact-checking isn’t that shoddy.

    Editor’s Note: Many people refer to it as the Harrisburg-Patriot. Maybe next time leave your name?

    Might I also add that the Harrisburg-Patriot, or the Harrisburg Patriot-News can be found at PennLive.com.

    This statement reminds me of the lie that Joe Wilson told me at the library in front of everyone. At first told me he did not have a website (we all know that’s not true), and then after I finally got the truth out of him he tried to cover up his lie by saying, “Well it’s not ‘Out In Silence’ it’s ‘Out In The Silence’.

  10. admin says:

    Let me make something clear.

    If ‘Doc. Wagner’ or Diane Gramley decide to lie, issue false news releases, or file false police reports, I’ll be the first to call THEM out on it, and I’ll report it as such.

  11. Anonymous says:

    As 8/5 6:39 said, a rainbow is a token of God’s promise to never destroy the earth with a flood: see Genesis 9. Don’t interpret it as a blessing upon homosexuality, which the Bible clearly condemns.

  12. Dr. Elliott says:

    “Dr.” Walters advocated murder not self-defense. The crowd assembled there endorsed it. Shouldn’t they be banned from office by their own standards?

    As for gays being responsible for AIDS, I have a few questions for the Bible beating bigots:

    How many of you are straight? Do you know where babies come from? Are you pro-life? Certainly, if you believe gays caused the AIDS crisis (which is debatable because many were infected years before any cause was known) then heterosexuals knowingly caused what you call the ‘abortion Holocaust.’

  13. Anonymous says:

    Its such a tragedy when you see the ages of the people who attended Wagner’s hate rally. Think of how many people of their generation lived and died in the closet because of the bigotry they lived amongst.

  14. Kevdfw32 says:

    I think Diane Gramley is very ignorant and intolerant. I thought the filmmaker was extremely objective in his portrayal of her & I felt embarrassed for her. The whole thing is sad to me.

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