Doctor Reiterates Belief that H1N1 Vaccine Killed His Son

The China Post

The China Post news staff — A doctor whose son died 33 days after receiving a H1N1 flu vaccine 15 months ago stressed disbelief yesterday over the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) allegations that his son’s death was not related with the vaccination.

Liu Jin-cheng, a doctor serving at a hospital in the Wuchi District of Taichung City, made the remarks at the 2011 National Epidemic Prevention Conference organized by the CDC under the Cabinet-level Department of Health (DOH).

Liu said he personally took care of his child in the 33 days after receiving the vaccination, and therefore very well knew the disease of the child. “Over the past 15 months, I haven’t persuaded myself to believe that my son’s death was caused by the parvovirus B19, rather than by the injection of H1N1 flu vaccine, as alleged by the CDC.”

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