Donald Trump for President?

According to the 1490NewsBlog, an Iraqi war veteran has formed a committee dedicated to recruiting developer Donald Trump to run for the Republican nomination for Presidential candidacy.

From the 1490NewsBlog,

ST. CHARLES, MO. — Decorated Iraq War veteran Nick McLaughlin of St. Charles, Missouri, has announced the formation of a grass-roots, all volunteer organization to draft New York developer Donald J. Trump for the 2012 Republican Presidential Nomination.

McLaughlin saw combat in three tours in Iraq in the US Marine Corp and was hit by shrapnel from a car bomb in Ubush, Iraq. He was awarded a Purple Heart and nine other medals including a Presidential citation.

“Under Barak Obama, America has become a laughingstock around the world,” said McLaughlin, in a news release sent to WESB and The HERO. “America needs a strong leader like Donald Trump to restore America’s economic strength and respect around the world.”

McLaughlin, who has never been active in politics before, said he had filed the committee with the Federal Election Commission and that the organization was not directed, authorized or funded by Trump. “I have never met Mr. Trump,” said McLaughlin, “But I am certain he is the man America needs.”

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  1. Joan Hosfeld says:

    I am so sick of Obanamable and have been predicting his agenda for this country since long before he became president. He is very dangerous. There is one man and only one besides Glen Beck that sees him for what he is – cutting American off at the knees and making us weaker every day. Donald Trump isn’t afraid like every other politician to do what American need done most – stand up for it! The country we love is about ready to go down the tubes and truthfully, my belief is that Donald Trump is the one person that can turn this around. God works in strange ways – and it is my opinion – Donald is the way ,,, I would love to help restore American by helping put Donald Trump into office. My husband feels exactly the same way.

    Sincerely, Joan Hosfeld, Atlanta, Ga.

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